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Support via ticket system

Support begins with a ticket. We ask for your understanding that we may accept your requests for your own protection only by ticket.

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This article is being updated.
Please check the user manual of the new service portal: https://portal.cloudiax.com/login/login-help

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Use our reliable and automated ticket system for your support requests.

We ask for your understanding that we may accept your support requests for your own protection only by ticket. Only in this way we can guarantee your authorization*.

Our support team is ready to help you 24/7/365 hours. We are working hard to develop a new ticket system that will make many things much easier, faster and more automated for us and our partners. In the near future you will be able to do many tasks by yourself with “just a click”.

Open a ticket: How?

If you have a request please open a ticket in the service portal:

Video Cloudiax ticket system

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Quality of the tickets

Please pay attention to the quality of the tickets you open, as this is very important for us to handle the ticket correctly and in time.

Please describe your request or issue as clearly as possible.

We always need to know:

  1. The customer name as well as the customer number.
  2. Which users and which database are affected by the issue?
  3. If possible, please send us some screenshots from the error message.
  4. Since when (exact date) does your customer have the issue?
  5. What did work last time and what didn’t work?
  6. As a partner, did you pre-check the problem of your customer? What did you have as a result?
  7. Please always use the Cloudiax "Support Info.exe" application to get a quicker response to your tickets from our support team.
Quality of the tickets

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* Cloudiax AG is a company located within the European Union and therefore is bound by European General Data Protection Rules (GDPR). GDPR requires us to fulfil several rules which can be found below.

It is therefore mandatory for us, that all and every communication is being documented by our Ticket system and we beg your understanding, that any other way of communicating is not possible. The reasons are:

  1. for protecting your information.
  2. to fulfil requirements for logging personal data.
  3. to be able to give correct information.
  4. fulfil requirements to delete unneeded information in a timely fashion.
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Please mail to info@cloudiax.com
or call us +49 2822 7131 620

The personal information you send us is important to us. Therefore we take the protection of this data very seriously. The data transmitted here will be used by our sales team to contact you. We will use this data only for this purpose. Contact details that are sent directly to us by e-mail will be within our email-system, which does an automated archiving after 2 years and will be finally deleted after 5 years, unless higher rights preclude this. Everything what we do to protect your data can be found in our privacy policy.

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