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“With Cloudiax, we have the possibility to support customers with a SAP Business One system where our archiving solution CKS.DMS is already integrated.

This means that the customer has a solution that is completely optimized and ready to run in no time."

Chris Kroos

Chris Kroos

C.K. Solutions


“As a partner, we significant reduced support effort, because we benefit from easy and quick deployment on the newest SAP Business One HANA version including all functions and Tools, so partners and customers can use the same actual version.

The strong commitment “You can run it on Cloudiax if it runs on-premise” promotes effective collaboration with SAP and other partners."

Andrea Grigoli

Andrea Grigoli


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  • Do I have to sign a partner agreement with Cloudiax to present my add-on on the website?
    No, just fill in the form and send it back to us!
  • How do interested parties order the required add-on at Cloudiax?
    If we receive an inquiry from an interested party, we will link it to the add-on manufacturer. The order will be placed directly with the add-on manufacturer.
  • What is done to check whether my add-on works in the Cloudiax cloud platform?
    All SAP Business One add-ons are compatible with our SAP Business One private cloud. This advantage is only available at Cloudiax!

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