• Free and professional migration.
  • 30 days free & non-binding trial.
  • 0€ instead of 299€ per database.

DISCOVER why migrating from SQL to HANA in our Cloud Platform
is the best way to boost the efficiency in your business.

Are you concerned about the complexity and risks of migrating your system from SQL to HANA in der Cloud?

3678 HANA databases are already installed and operated by Cloudiax!

We offer you and your customers a seamless and risk-free SQL to HANA migration process. The entire IT team has been managing system migrations to HANA for years, taking care of the technical aspects for a smooth transition so you can enjoy your professional migration journey.

Embrace excellence with the PROS!

Are you facing scalability issues and resource limitations with your current SQL infrastructure?

Benefit from a fully customizable HANA environment with unparalleled scalability that grows as your business grows.

Say goodbye to worrying about your IT infrastructure expanding too large and look forward to a dynamic, flexible, and scalable solution that moves your business forward and meets your growing needs.

Are you unsure about migrating your system from SQL to HANA environment without trying it first?

The migration of your system from SQL to HANA is free of charge.

After the migration, you have 30 days to test your new HANA database in the Cloud before you decide to go for it.

Are you worried about hidden costs and obligations when migrating from SQL to a new HANA system?

There are no costs for setup, system migration, 30-day free trial of the new HANA database, and 24/7/365 support.

The test period ends automatically after 30 days without the need for cancellation.

Take the advantages of

  • Real-time analysis, reporting and planning in one central solution.
  • Guaranteed availability of your system at any time and from anywhere.
  • Inclusive setup and updates to the latest version of SAP Business One.
  • Additional mobile Apps like B1 Sales App.
  • Service Layer for connecting third-party systems.
  • Additional enhancements with SAP B1 Version 10.

Save money and your valuable time!

Other benefits of SAP B1 HANA over SQL

  • What does free migration from SQL to HANA mean?

    After we have received your order, you will be contacted by our experts to clarify the technical details. Then we start migrating your SQL to HANA database. This migration is free of charge for you.

    After the migration you have 30 days to test your new HANA System.

  • When does my free test period of my new HANA database start and when does it end?

    The free test period is 30 days, starting on the day the HANA database is made available to you and ending 30 days later.

    You can use our support for any questions you may have during the test period.

  • How can I continue to use my HANA database after the test period?

    You will receive an offer from us within the 30-day test period. If you would like to continue using your HANA database, you should send us your order within the test period. Otherwise you will not be able to access your HANA database after 30 days. In any case, you do not pay for the migration and only for the users and additional options if you want to use your HANA database after the test period.

    After receiving your order we will arrange an appointment with you to plan the migration of your productive environment.

  • What happens to my data on the HANA database if after 30 days of testing I do not send an order to Cloudiax to continue using the HANA database?

    Your data will be deleted on HANA database after 30 days if we do not receive your order within the test period.

  • Which SAPB1 versions are supported for migration from SQL to HANA?

    The following SAP Business One releases are supported for migration to SAP Business One 9.3, version for HANA:

    • 9.0 PL 04 or higher.
    • 9.1.
    • 9.2.

    Older SAP releases on request.

    Very important: Only the penultimate version can be migrated since the migration process always requires an update. If your SAP on Microsoft SQL runs already in the latest version, you have to wait for the next patch, so that we can do the migration from SQL to HANA for you!

  • What happens to my custom content, such as print definitions, stored procedures, and queries after the migration from SQL to HANA?

    Custom content like queries and print definitions maybe need to be adapted manually. Perhaps these customized reports and queries will not be needed anymore under HANA, because the HANA version already offers much more evaluation possibilities in the standard version.

    Your stored procedures will be adopted automatically, if no Microsoft SQL-specific functions are used.

    We carry out the pre-check. After that, we know what can not be migrated automatically, or whether the databases go through properly then they can be migrated and deployed directly.

    In any case, pre-check, bug list, tips and a list of the corresponding SAP Notes are available free of charge for you.

    If some customizations are needed for the migration, you can ask your consulting partner to assist you in this regard. We can also help you to find a SAP Business One partner, if you do not already have one.

  • What about add-ons? Will they be adjusted automatically after the migration from SQL to HANA?

    There are now many add-ons that can be easily migrated. These include:

    • All SAP add-ons like Payment, Datev, Elster, EFM Format Definition, Screen Painter.
    • All Boyum add-ons like B1UP, Beas, Boyum CRM for Outlook, B1 iPayment.
    • All Coresuite add-ons including his modules except Enterprice Search (It is native function in HANA).
    • Coresuite Cloud Connector.
    • Abbaccus HCM.
    • Intercompany from SAP.
    • Apparel & Footwear.
    • CKS.DMS.
    • LPOne InformEtica.
    • Produmex Scan.
    • Maringo.
    • and more…

    For other add-ons, we know it after the pre-check. Possibly the manufacturer must make adjustments.

    Still other add-on manufacturers have not made their add-on HANA capable. In this case, an alternative add-on would have to be used or migration is not possible.

  • What about application servers? Will they also be migrated?

    After consultation we can migrate additional application servers, such as Web server, bank details and more to the new system.

  • Which licenses do I need for the migration from SQL to HANA?

    Our products and solutions, including the migration from SQL to HANA, do not include SAP Business One and Add-on licenses.

    With the license you are completely free in your choice. You can simply bring your existing purchase licenses, buy new licenses from the SAP consulting company of your choice (on-premise licenses) or rent them (Cloud licenses). OEM licenses, which are available together with an industrial solution based on SAP Business One, can also be used by Cloudiax.

    We would be delighted to advise you on this matter.

    All other necessary licenses (operating systems, access licenses, virus protection, Microsoft SQL, etc.) are included in the migration from SQL to HANA. The license for SAP HANA is included in the rental licenses from SAP. For on-premise licenses, a separate HANA database must be purchased. Contact your local SAP consulting company for more information.

    Decide now for the migration of your
    SAP Business One SQL to HANA in the Cloud.

  • What is the difference between SQL and HANA data base?

    SQL and HANA are both related to database management systems, but they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics, especially when considering their Cloud implementations. Let’s take a look at the key differences between SQL and HANA:

    SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standardized programming language used for managing and manipulating relational databases. It’s used to create, retrieve, update, and delete data from databases. SQL provides a way to interact with databases using commands like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. SQL databases are widely used and are known for their ability to store structured data efficiently.

    HANA is an in-memory database and platform developed by SAP for handling large volumes of data and performing real-time analytics. It’s designed to process and analyze data in memory, which can lead to significantly faster data processing and querying compared to traditional disk-based databases. HANA also supports advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. It’s often used in enterprises for real-time data processing and business intelligence applications.

    HANA in the Cloud provides in-memory database and data processing capabilities. It allows you to develop and deploy applications that leverage HANA’s performance benefits without needing to manage the infrastructure. HANA in the Cloud also integrates with other SAP solutions and services.

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