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cloud made in germany

Latest cloud innovations and the latest infrastructure guarantee your applications and data maximum performance, stability and security.


Your valuable data is stored in a German data center at a German stock corporation. That means German and European data protection laws protect your data worldwide.

Thus, arbitrary accesses by e.g. government agencies or the disclosure of your data already excluded by law.


More than 70 direct peerings (Internet data exchange nodes) with the world’s leading providers guarantee fast, uninterrupted access to your data in the Cloudiax data center from anywhere in the world.


Your data is safe in Cloudiax! Redundant air conditioning systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems and water protection, multiple access protection ensure maximum security of your valuable data.


Your data is automatically stored on Cloudiax on three independent storage media (NVME SSDs). This offers you optimal protection against the technical failure of storage media.

On request, all systems can be backed up with a daily Snapshot or mirrored into the backup data center.


With your data in the Cloudiax data center you also set a clear sign for the environment!

Because the Cloudiax data center produces 100% of its own electricity from wind power,solar systems and biothermal power plants and is therefore 100% CO2-neutral and your computing power at Cloudiax with it!


next generation

The new Host generation is running NVMe Storage on hyper converged environment on Linux and Openstack for better performance and higher stability.


petabytes of
pure SSD storage

Direct connected, much faster,
less cables. Take the advantages now!


companies are
on our cloud

Come to the cloud and
save time and money!


processor cores,
20 terabytes of RAM

Join one of the biggest HANA
installations worldwide!

cloud made
in germany

Guarantee of the latest
reliability standards

By adhering to the strictest European and German privacy policy your valuable corporate data is securely stored in our data center.

Due to the latest European and German standards, you have the guarantee of data protection and reliability.

ISO / IEC 27001 2013 Certified

ISO / IEC 27001 2013 Certified

Information security management system.

Implementation finalized on data center level.

Implementation ongoing for the services.

Complies with
the TIER 3 security standard

Tier ranking system for data center reliability with Tier 3:

  • N+1 availability
  • Concurrently maintainable
    (cooling and power)
  • Redundant infrastructure


Your connection to our cloud is direct and very fast:

by direct peering of 200 Gbit/s to more than 70 Internet service providers and over 500 internet exchange points.


Deutsche Telekom






+60 internet
service providers



data center


Air condition

Fully redundant air condition system per fire compartment with cooling power 100kW, cooling capacity 10.000m3/h and recooling system.

Security and protection

Fire protection with special gas.

Physical protection.

Water protection.


All customers are protected by a high availability Edge Firewalls, load browser, reverse proxy and third Firewall which separates the customers from each other.

Load balancer Kemp, NGINX
Reverse Proxy: Kemp, NGINX

data management

1 full backup every day.

Separate location and storage.

Backup data center connected
by dedicated 10 GBit line.

Distance to main
data center: 3.8 km.

Same physical protection
as main data center (access, cooling, power, connectivity).

carbon neutral


Power supply

Our data center completely produces its own electricity.

Wind power, solar systems and 5 biothermal power plants directly in the data center provide all the required energy. Secured by a 180 kVA online UPS system.

The heat produced by our data center serves as heating for the neighboring craft business.



Using 100% renewable and carbon neutral energy for a sustainable environment.

Our cloud data center has 5 biothermal power plants, that use organic residue from the farms located close to our facilities.

The data center is also direct connected to wind power and the roof of the buildings have solar systems.


Prepared for emergencies

3 different sources of energy is a warranty for you that no problem should happen.

If something goes wrong with our energy supply, we have two diesel generators each capable of producing 170 kVA. They would supply our servers with energy without interruption for one week.

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The personal information you send us is important to us. Therefore we take the protection of this data very seriously. The data transmitted here will be used by our sales team to contact you. We will use this data only for this purpose. Contact details that are sent directly to us by e-mail will be within our email-system, which does an automated archiving after 2 years and will be finally deleted after 5 years, unless higher rights preclude this. Everything what we do to protect your data can be found in our privacy policy.

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