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Incomparable benefits exclusive by Cloudiax

SAP is terminating its SAP B1 Cloud services.
Here is the best way to move on!

Don’t worry – let the global market leader take care of it
We take care of the professional migration of your customers’ SAP B1 Cloud environment to Cloudiax, straight forward and stress-free from the first step to the end!

Don’t worry about any technical details
System migrations are our daily business. The entire IT team has been managing SAP B1 Cloud systems since years. GO with the PROS!

Try first – be convinced
The migration is free of charge. Your customers have a 60-day free trial and right of withdrawal.

No hidden costs
There are no costs for setup, system migration and 24/7/365 support. Afterwards you will benefit from our simple and transparent price & product structure.

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...Cloudiax's role following the discontinuation of SAP Cloud for SAP Business One has been particularly notable...

“Over the past year, SAP Business One customers globally have become increasingly excited about the benefits of Business One in the Cloud. With this in mind, we’ve been working with the team at Cloudiax, as our preferred supplier to provide robust, private managed cloud solutions for our clients.

The team at Cloudiax provides the cloud architecture and configuration needed to deliver a successful hosting experience. We feel their comprehensive understanding of diverse hosting requirements combined with their strong implementation experience, makes them the right choice for clients seeking cloud migrations or looking to improve their existing hosting environment.

Cloudiax's role following the discontinuation of SAP Cloud for SAP Business One has been particularly notable. They have ensured a seamless transition for customers, while elevating the cloud experience through greater efficiency and user-friendliness.

We highly recommend the team at Cloudiax for their exceptional service and unwavering dedication to optimizing cloud hosting experiences of SAP Business One users.”


Irenae Jacobs

Vice President

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first‑class experience

Incomparable benefits
exclusive by Cloudiax

  • World market leader in
    SAP Business One Cloud

    Let the skilled hands do it for you and experience the difference.

    Since 2014, we have been a world-leading Cloud provider specializing in SAP Business One Cloud.

    Trust in the expertise of those who know the path to success when tackling complex tasks.

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  • Fully managed service
    in all aspects

    Use your valuable time & resources for your company's missions.

    SAP B1 Cloud hosted by Cloudiax is a fully managed service including setup, system monitoring, updates of the operating systems, backups, firewall management, installed applications, etc.

  • SAP B1 Private Cloud
    from only 3 users

    Enjoy many advantages of an individual SQL or HANA system.

    Offer your customers a dedicated Cloud environment, own individual system (SQL or HANA) and administrator access to the system, from only 3 users, starts at 17.50 € monthly/user.

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  • A team with years of
    experience in SAP B1 Cloud

    Navigate challenges with ease using our know-how & expertise.

    Ensure a smooth system migration for your customers with our expert team.

    You always get personal assistance for your questions regarding customer system configuration, upgrades and more.

  • Guaranteed login to the
    high-performed system

    Experience a premium quality of system implementation.

    In addition to providing reliable infrastructure and system accessibility, our SLA ensures seamless login of your customers to their SAP Business One systems and optimal performance.

  • Cloud made in Germany
    with high security

    Protect your customers' business data with the German security standards.

    Your customers' data is secure in our data centers that comply with German & European data protection law.

    We take data security very seriously and adhere to high quality standards in our data centers.

  • Simple pricing and
    product structure

    Avoid unexpected costs and plan your revenue and budget with ease.

    You can precisely calculate the total costs and your revenue for each customer.

    Just count the number of SAP B1 users of each customer and use our transparent and online available pricing model.

    Setup, backups and updates are included in the price.

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  • Trusted by over 12,000
    Cloud users worldwide

    Choose a high-performance Cloud platform already used by thousands of customers.

    Join our 200+ satisfied SAP B1 partners worldwide and experience the joy of seeing your customers succeed through seamless migration and outstanding performance of their SAP B1 Cloud systems.

  • Fully customizable
    & scalable

    Customize the system at any time to the needs of your customers and expand it without restrictions.

    Scale your customers' system easily with Cloudiax flexible SAP B1 Cloud solution, so you can expand the system, number of users, etc. at any time without limitations.

    Deliver exactly what your customers need.

Experience unique benefits
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Data centers
close to you

Data centers close to you




System Availability

Ensure system accessibility for your customers with our data centers in 3 continents that significantly reduce latency.

Guaranteed system availability of 99.5%
ensures that your customers have access to their SAP B1 system at any time and from anywhere.


Quality and Security Standards

Provide your customers with a highly secure and reliable infrastructure for their critical business operations.

The TIER III compliant data centers,
which are simultaneously maintainable and have redundant components, so that any part can be shut down without affecting IT operations.

The ISO/IEC 27001 2013 certified data centers
This certification is the world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS) and their requirements.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What does free migration from SAP to Cloudiax mean?

    You deliver us a backup of your customer’s existing database and we provide you with a fully installed SAP Business One system on the Cloudiax Cloud Platform, including the customers’ database, free of charge.

  • Is SAP Business One Cloud hosted by Cloudiax in a Public Cloud or Private Cloud environment?

    The deployment and operation of the SAP Business One Cloud hosted by Cloudiax takes place in a dedicated Cloud environment (Private Cloud), which is like an on-premise installation. This completely eliminates all restrictions that are specified by the SAP Cloud Control Center. The customer is free to choose all options, such as add-ons, additional application servers or an individual B1if. The customer can also freely determine the SAP Business One version and the patch level. In addition, the customer or the responsible consulting company receives extensive administrative access to the system.

  • When does the free trial period of the SAP Business One Cloud hosted by Cloudiax start and when does it end?

    The 60-day free trial period begins on the delivery date of the SAP Business One Cloud environment hosted by Cloudiax and ends 60 days later.

    During this time you will also have access to our 24/7/365 support for all questions you may have.

  • Which SAP Business One licenses can be used for SAP B1 Cloud hosted by Cloudiax?

    The SAP Business One Cloud hosted by Cloudiax doesn’t include SAP Business One and add-on licenses, unless expressly stated otherwise. Your customers can use purchase licenses, Cloud licenses or also OEM licenses. All other necessary licenses (operating systems, access licenses, virus protection, Microsoft SQL, etc.) are included in the Cloudiax products.

  • How can I or my customer continue to use the SAP Business One Cloud system after the trial period?

    The trial period ends after 60 days with the transfer to the regular contract period of one year and regular payment. Your customer will continue to use the system if we do not receive a written withdrawal from you within the 60 days.

  • What is the minimum number of users in SAP Business One Cloud hosted by Cloudiax?

    The minimum number of users in SAP Business One Cloud hosted by Cloudiax is 3 and there is no limit to the maximum number of users.

  • Which support channels are available to Cloudiax partners?

    Our support team of specialists is there for you 24/7/365 via Cloudiax portal, emergency hotline, live system status and help center. The Cloudiax support team offers you fast response, high first-contact resolution rate, multilingual support, full system monitoring, and many other highlights. Find out more

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