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The power of a fully managed service

Free up your time and resources for more important aspects of your business.

Cloudiax provides you with a fully managed service, including security, firewall management, system monitoring and updates, backups, installed applications, etc.

Choose us for a truly unique and unparalleled partnership experience.

Guaranteed login
and performance

Our SLA guarantees not only the infrastructure levels and accessibility to the system, but also seamless login to your SAP Business One system and optimal performance.

Say goodbye to the hassle of in-house IT management - let us manage your infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters most.

Years of experience & in-depth knowledge

With years of experience in all areas of SAP Business One and Cloud, our team is well equipped to help you ensure a successful system implementation for your customers.

We are personally available to provide support and answer any questions you may have regarding upgrading the SAP Business One system to a new version or patch level, new configurations and many other topics.

Simple pricing and
product structure

At Cloudiax you have a straightforward and transparent pricing model with no additional fees for services like setup, backups, and updates.

Our solutions suit the enterprises at any scale. You can offer your customers with only 3 users a Private Cloud environment with their own dedicated Cloud system (SQL or HANA) and administrator access to the system.

The key to success
with scalable solutions

You can effortlessly expand the system for your customers at any time without any limitations. Whether they want to order more users, extend their Cloud system or need more storage, our solutions allow for seamless scaling.

At Cloudiax, we offer complete flexibility in our solutions, so you can tailor your offerings to each individual customer.

Deliver exactly what your customers need!

the advantages
of your customers

What are the benefits of your customers
using our Cloud platform?


Data center in Germany, in Canada
and in the near future in Singapore

For our partners and customers outside Europe, we have opened another data center in Canada in addition to our data center in Germany. This significantly reduces the latency time, due to the shorter distance. The opening of a new data center in Singapore is planned in 2023.


SAP Business One Private Cloud

We offer your customers only from 3 users a dedicated Cloud environment, own individual system (SQL or HANA) and administrator access to the system.

Take this opportunity and offer your SAP Business One customers the benefits of the Private Cloud.

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Quick Starter Edition with 50% discount

Configure the SAP Business One environment for your customers using our price list and order it with 50% discount in the first 3 months and 90 days withdrawal right!

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Free choice of SAP Business One licenses

Your customers are completely free to choose the SAP Business One license. They can bring their existing or newly acquired purchase licenses (on-premise), OEM or rental licenses (Cloud).

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Free migration from SAP Business One SQL to HANA on the Cloud

Take the chance now and offer your customers the advantages of SAP B1 HANA in the Cloud compared to SAP B1 SQL!

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SAP Business One always available

Cloudiax guarantees you and your customers 99.5% uptime to login to the SAP Business One environment.


Save money and time

Setup, updates and backups are included in the price! With the Cloud, your customers save huge investments in IT infrastructure, hardware and specialized employees.

your advantages
as partner

What are your benefits as our partner bringing your customers to us in the Cloud?


ECO Cloud made in Germany

Bring your customers to a green data center and thereby set a clear signal for the environment! The Cloudiax data center produces 100 % of its own electricity 100% CO2-neutral.

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Increase your revenue

With our Cloud price model you can continuously and monthly generate additional revenue from your existing and new customers at no additional cost.

Earn money on the operation – from the first customer.


Transparent pricing model

At Cloudiax you have a very transparent pricing model with no hidden costs.

So you can quickly prepare the offers for your customers.

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Full add-on functionality

All cloud-compatible SAP Business One add-ons are compatible with our Private Cloud environment. This way, you can respond even better to your customers’ requirements and maximize the potential of their SAP Business One.

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Always the latest version

Your customers have access to the latest version of SAP Business One with many improvements in the core functions, a revised design and an intuitive user interface.

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Use the Cloudiax know-how
to your advantage

The Cloudiax team has many years of experience in all areas of the SAP Business One Cloud.

13243 users and 215 partners in 88 countries already trust Cloudiax.


24/7/365 support

Our support team of specialists with many useful support channels is always there for you!

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Managing Director <br>BE ONE Software Solutions L.L.C <br>Egypt

“Cloudiax is the solution for a hassle-free business operation, simple and flexible with team of professionals understand your needs.

We have been working with Cloudiax for more than 6 years now and year after year we get more confident that we have a strong and committed partner providing a reliable and outstanding Cloud services for SAP Business One HANA & SQL.”

Ahmed Hosny

Managing Director
BE ONE Software Solutions L.L.C

Certified SAP Business One Consultant <br>White Sheep GmbH <br>Germany

“Cloudiax is more than a provider or a data center. Behind Cloudiax are smart nerds who want and can solve problems with expertise, professional knowledge and curiosity.

We were actively supported by Cloudiax in the most extravagant cloud projects, so that our mutual customers always received an efficient and secure cloud environment for the SAP Business One landscape.”

Sascha Reichow

Certified SAP Business One Consultant
White Sheep GmbH

frequently asked questions

  • How can I earn money from my partnership with Cloudiax?

    You continuously earn money with every user through your partner discount.
    You can also offer your customers training and consulting on how to use the cloud services.

  • How long does it take to deploy a cloud environment?

    The cloud environment is normally deployed within 7 working days. This period can be extended depending on the individual requirements of your customers.

  • What is the Quick Starter Edition and how does the order work?

    This option is the ideal product for a risk-free and cost-effective introductory and project phase as well as for all consulting firms in the sales phase to complete the sale faster and more successfully. Configure your customer’s cloud environment based on the normal price list and order it as a Quick Starter Edition with 50% discount on street prices within the Quick Starter phase and 90 days withdrawal right!

    Order now easy and fast!

  • What prices do I pay for my orders to Cloudiax? Do I get partner discounts?

    Cloudiax grives the partner a purchase discount of 25% on the respective price list.

  • How long is the term of my partner contract?

    The contract begins with signature by both parties and is concluded for an indefinite period. The contract may be terminated by either party with three months’ notice to the end of the calendar year.

  • How does Cloudiax settle my orders?

    We bill orders quarterly (calendar quarter). The invoice is due and payable in advance.

    You conclude contracts with your customers for Cloudiax products in your own name and your own account, unless otherwise expressly agreed in individual cases.

  • Which licenses are included in Cloudiax products?

    All necessary licenses (operating systems, access licenses, virus protection, Microsoft SQL, etc.) are included in the respective Cloudiax product. The license for SAP HANA should be supplied with rental licenses from SAP. A separate SAP HANA database must be purchased for on-premise licenses.

    All Cloudiax products and solutions in the price list do not contain SAP Business One and add-on licenses.

  • Which additional advantages do I have as a SAP Business One Cloud Partner?

    As our SAP Business One Cloud partner you also have the following advantages:

    • Free migration from SAP B1 SQL to HANA for your customers.
    • SAP Business One Private Cloud for your customers from 6 users with their own individual system (SQL or HANA) and full administrator access.
    • Free choice of SAP Business One licenses. Your customers can simply bring their existing purchase licenses, buy new licenses from the SAP consulting firm of their choice (on-premise licenses) or rent them (cloud licenses). OEM licenses that are available together with an industry solution based on SAP Business One can also be used at Cloudiax.
    • and many other unique advantages.
  • Which additional advantages do I have as a [accantum] partner?

    As our [accantum] cloud partner you also have the following advantages:

    • You can offer your customers the right version for different company sizes. We provide an appropriate service to every company.
    • For the document management and archive system [accantum] DMS in the cloud there is an interface that is compatible with the SAP.
    • The prices include the provision and operation of the [ accantum] solution, an SQL database for indexing and storing documents in the cloud, the [accantum] company license, the OCR license (optical character recognition) and all other licenses required for installation.

    Start now and make continuously revenue with your customers!

  • How can I offer my own product in the Cloudiax cloud platform?

    You have the opportunity to offer your cloud-compatible product on our cloud platform. Please contact us in this case. We also support you in marketing and sales of your product as a cloud product.

  • Which support channels are available to Cloudiax partners?

    Our support team of specialists is there for you 24/7/365!
    The Cloudiax support team offers you fast response, high first-contact resolution rate, multilingual support, full monitoring and many other highlights.

  • Where is the Cloudiax data center located? How safe are my customers' data there?

    The Cloudiax data center is located in Germany near Hamburg. With the strictest European and German data protection guidelines, the valuable company data of you and your customers is safe in our data center.
    You also support the environment with your data in the Cloudiax data center! Because our data center is 100% CO2-neutral and produces 100% of its own electricity from wind power, solar systems and biothermal power plants. Detailed information about the Cloudiax data center can be found here.

  • Does Cloudiax also offer Two Factor Authentication to protect customer accounts?

    We offer our users Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect their data and ensure that only they can access their own account. The item is only required once per user, regardless of which and how many solutions the user uses on the Cloudiax platform.

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