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Sailing is challenging, technically demanding, and requires teamwork and passion. Values we embrace at Cloudiax -
both in the Cloud and on the water.


Sailing is considered the toughest test for a team, as stated in the scene, and Cloudiax embraces this challenge. Precision, speed, and endurance are as essential as the right strategy and tactics.

This applies not only to sailing but also to our daily Cloud business. Both in sailing and operating a Cloud environment, every mistake and every lapse of attention is ruthlessly punished. Every team member must be fully alert, 100% present, and give their all.



the Bocholter Yacht Club’s Bundesliga sailing team as an active sponsor, with the aim of supporting sustainable sport locally.



the young talents from the Bocholter Yacht Club’s Junior Bundesliga sailing team, because children are especially dear to our hearts.



the Bocholter Yacht Club through an additional sponsorship, providing the brand-new L30 regatta boat "Cloud Horizon", which achieves top performance on the water with its innovative design.



whenever our Cloud business allows. The Cloudiax Sailing Team participates personally and has already competed in the 2023 Sailing Company Cup in Flensburg.

Cloud Horizon

Cloud Horizon

Our 9.25m long L30 Cloud Horizon is docked in the marina at Almere, presenting the team from Bocholt with new challenges and goals, such as participating in the L30 World Championship 2024 in Hungary.

Bundesliga team

Bundesliga team

The Bocholt J70 regatta sailors train year-round on the ‘JAYDAY’, they are sailing in the German Bundesliga and have achieved outstanding success in recent years.

Most recently, they made it into the top 10 at the Youth Sailing Champions League in Vilamoura.

What connects us

What connects us

Sailing means 100% propulsion with energy from nature, leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

Cloudiax strives for this goal as well and already operates data centers in Hamburg, Toronto, and Singapore with 100% wind and solar energy.

Talented youth

Talented youth

We are particularly proud of our trainees Malte Heisterkamp and Gero Thobe, who enriches both Cloudiax and the Yacht Club with great ambition and passion.

Sustainable from the sea to the clouds

Sustainable from
the sea to the clouds

When sailing, we are one with nature and adapt to the conditions. Our goal is to raise awareness for a respectful interaction with nature and the oceans and to establish sailing as a role model for sustainability.

Cloud Horizon - Sailing Team Wear

Cloud Horizon -
Sailing Team Wear

Look forward to a new section where you can soon purchase Cloudiax Sailing Team Wear.

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