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Cloudiax is a unique global cloud platform and community for SAP Business One partners, customers and corporations, with an enormous growth potential.



Consume SAP Business One as simple as electricity from the grid. Companies can concentrate on their core business without having IT as limiting factor.



The cloud is one of the few technologies that can keep you on top of Gartner's hype cycle year after year. With that, cloud computing is not a trend, but already an established technology.

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Total number of shares

221,100 par value shares

  • 62,588 Dirk Cyrener (CEO Cloudiax AG)
  • 59,906 Werner Hölzl (CEO Versino AG)
  • 98,606 Widespread shareholdings


Selection of partner shareholders

  • Hans-Peter Kreft (Managing Director Uniorg)
  • Barbara & Roland Schulte (Inceptum Business Solutions)
  • Peter Faßbinder (SMS Business Software Solution GmbH)
  • Torsten Hackländer (Versino West)
  • Thomas Neumeier (Neumeier AG)
  • Ulrich Heep, (Straton IT-Consulting)
  • Jürgen Bisselik (Managing Director KDT GmbH)

Shareholders‘ quotes

Case study

“The comprehensive cloud platform and the simple price model have convinced me to invest in Cloudiax AG. The lead of the cloud pioneers of Cloudiax and the rapid global growth of the Cloudiax Community reveals the great potential for the future.”

Hans-Peter Kreft

Uniorg, July 2016

Case study

“I am tracing developments in the IT-market for more than 35 years, now. Cloudiax has a strategy which is purely focused on cloud business. As a shareholder I am sure that I made a great investment, because Cloudiax is setting new standards for the cloud-computing with SAP Business One since 2015.”

Peter Faßbinder

CEO SMS Business Software Solution GmbH
(In conversation with Steve Jobs)

Case study

“We experience on a daily basis that the “Cloud“ has reached the SME‘s in Germany and it is growing constantly. As one of the first Cloudiax partners we are able to secure our SAP customers the access to the cloud-technology of the future with our investment. Further more we are able to strengthen our competitiveness in the in a market which is full of opportunities.”

Barbara & Roland Schulte

Executive board Inceptum Business Solutions GmbH
July, 2016

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