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All about ticket system, login and identity management, edit profile, change password, username forgotten and unblock user account.

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This article is being updated.
Please check the user manual of the new service portal: https://portal.cloudiax.com/login/login-help


In this manual you will find the answers of your questions about:

Login and identity management

With login and identity management we deliver you the first step of Cloudiax services. It is very important to use the Cloudiax portal and services processes consequently!
To improve and speed up these processes your personal email address is mandatory!

  • Send reminder that your password will expire
  • Password reset if you have forgotten your old one
  • Find out your username if you can't remember
  • Check and unblock your account if you can't login

What are secure Login and identity management?

1. Edit profile

It is very important that you fill out your user profile. Without the profile information we are not able to run direct tasks with you and that will cause delays in the service process.

Please watch the video below for a step-by-step answer to your question "How can I edit my profile?"

Edit profile

3' 19"

2. Change password

If we have your profile information we are able to send a frequent reminder if your password expires soon. You are able to run a secure password change in time. Please watch the video below to learn step-by-step how you can change your passwort.

Change password

1' 30"

3. Secure logout

To protect the data and to ensure that nobody else can access your account please use the logout function. You can find this function in the portal in the drop-down menu at the top right of the page.
Note: You will be logged out automatically if you don't use the portal for two hours.

4. Secure login management

We provide you an easy and secure password management processes like:

Password forgotten

Password forgotten

2' 32"

Username forgotten

Username forgotten

1' 56"

Unblock user account
(examine user account)

5. I need to have access, but I have no login

(Only for Cloudiax partner employees)

If you don't have login credentials please contact the Security Manager in your company to create your login credentials.

If your company doesn't have an authorized Security Manager please use this form to authorize a Security Manager and send it to order@cloudiax.com.

I need to have access, but I have no login



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