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Support via emergency call

You can reach your support team 24/7/365 via the emergency hotline. What is an emergency case? What not?

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Always available for you!

Our emergency hotline is available for you 24/7/365 for incidents issues at

Germany: +49 2822 7131 600
Canada: +1 647 749 9411
Singapore: +65 6703 6841
Mexico: +52 55 1036 1202
Kenya: +254 20 7641162
Spain: +34 917 94 59 74

Please select the phone number from the country closest to where you live.

Very important:
The emergency hotline is only available for incidents and not for changes and updates!
If you would like to plan an important update, change or a go-live for you or your customer, please do not plan this on the weekend or on German public holidays.

What is an emergency case?

  1. A productive customer is completely down. No workarounds are available.
  2. The customer's core business processes are seriously affected in a live (productive) environment. Business-critical processes can not be executed.

What is not an emergency case?

  1. The affected system is demo or test system.
  2. The affected system is a live (productive) environment and:
    a. A workaround is available.
    b. Only minor and non-key functions are not working well.
    c. Changes in general.
    d. Issues caused by consultants from partner or customer.
  3. Unscheduled updates or go live.
Cloudiax support - What is an emergency case? What is not an emergency case?

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The personal information you send us is important to us. Therefore we take the protection of this data very seriously. The data transmitted here will be used by our sales team to contact you. We will use this data only for this purpose. Contact details that are sent directly to us by e-mail will be within our email-system, which does an automated archiving after 2 years and will be finally deleted after 5 years, unless higher rights preclude this. Everything what we do to protect your data can be found in our privacy policy.

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