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VariAdd Project

Partner Developer: Variatec Software Ltd

VariAdd Project for SAP Business One Cloud is especially built for project driven companies like Machine Building, Equipment Building, Offshore and Piping, Maritime, High-tech and Electronics, Service and Repair - and the need for a professional but easy to use project planning software solution.

SAP Business One for project industries

Project planning Graphical integrated Gantt chart with simultaneous insight into capacity and material requirements. Material deliveries are linked with project activities and are directly visible in the project plan.
Capacity planning Graphical-based capacity planning. Using drag & drop, activities and hours in the project plan can be allocated directly to resources (employees and machines). Quotation controls & Sales Improve the process of quoting and managing projects in your sales process. Ensure an accurate available-to-promise by adding a quote to a project plan to see the impact on machines and labor. Job costing Direct access to projected margin, planned-vs.-actual budgets, and WIP. Extensive drill-down options to activities, material and labor.

Always up-to-date insight the status of the project, progress, and work in progress. Accounting & Invoicing Extensive invoice schemes supported, including down payments and progress billing. Invoices can be linked to milestones, activities or scheduled to specific dates. Time registration Booking of direct and indirect hours in time sheets with the real-time roll-up to project costing and Gantt chart. Data input can also be achieved remotely via a computer browser or select PDA devices. Procurement & Inventory Comprehensive material planning and procurement functionality. Materials can be linked to project activities or milestones and thereby provide just-in-time purchasing. Support of project-based procurement and multiple warehouses. Financial administration Completely integrated financial administration that is fed from all other relevant components of the software solution. Combined with flexible and extensive financial reporting. CRM Robust and easy to use CRM functionality providing opportunity management and a central database for sales, marketing and service. A single customer database fully integrated with quotes, orders and all other relevant data.