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(Production Data Acquisition)

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Factory data capture in production – replace production papers with a digital an integrated solution.

By adding the SGIMA PDA Terminal to SAP Business One, you can achieve greater transparency in your production process with minimal hardware investment. This factory data capture add-on can be used on both conventional PCs and Android tablets.

Opting for the SAP Business One add-on SIGMA PDA Terminal can help you save on high costs associated with purchasing separate PDA software for paperless production. With this ERP system, your employees can easily access pending orders at their machine, workplace or team and obtain important information about work sequences, raw materials and completed quantities within the production order itself. Additionally, production time can be managed with just one click and serial numbers or batches can be easily accounted for using SIGMA PDA. Moreover, your employees can view all stored drawings, pictures and documents via the PDA terminal, eliminating the need for printing. All record data is immediately saved in SAP Business One allowing authorized users to track the production process in real-time without constantly consulting the production department. Advantages of SIGMA PDA Terminal:

  • All details on the production order
  • Browser-based SAP Business One add-on
  • Platform-independent
  • Easy access on stationary or mobiles devices
  • Low hardware investment
  • Attachments like pictures and descriptions can be retrieved directly
  • All data is stored in SAP Business One
  • System is protected against unauthorized use via password or Single Sign-On
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