• Stop investing, start consuming!

    Stop investing, start consuming!

    The SAP Business One world faces a paradigm shift. New enterprises and young businessmen set expectations in software that don't need to be addressed in the future - they need to be addressed now!

    We have been on a startup faire lately – talking with young founders about ERP and cloud products that base on the Cloudiax platform. It’s quite interesting to see that the next generation of business has complete different expectations about how software should work. “A well-priced ERP environment that is running on all devices and doesn’t require a complete IT-infrastructure in the company…” They pause. “Isn’t that normal?”

    It’s true. Whereas we celebrate HANA as the goddess for a rapid SAP Business One, young people, with “spotified” minds, take this for granted.

    The time of on premise is over. Companies no longer need to invest thousands of dollars in something that they can get like electricity out of the grid. They want to focus on their main business. In the past, decision makers had to spend days and days in the question, which software is the right one. Today, the software is right at hand, ready to be tested...

    The business with SAP Business One is changing - for everybody. But this is not dangerous. Plenty of consultants and salesmen had experienced that moment when the big fish slipped out of their hand and two months of trying to acquire one customer were for nothing. In the cloud, in contrast, you don’t rely on this one customer to make profit and even small fish become interesting. Whereas you once needed to wait months to get some money out of your effort, you now can establish your own assured income.

    In the cloud, customers pay regularly the same amount of money. That’s cost transparency at its peak! “But…” some will say “they pay far less than they did before.” That’s true – but we’ll say it again: they pay regularly! A customer on premise might bring you $10,000 for your service … once only, but a customer in the cloud can bring you $50 per user every month eternally! Unless, of course, you screw up regarding your customer loyalty.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a call to action. The SAP Business One Cloud is already a reality and it will change everything in the market. On premise might not die out completely, no, but the cloud offer is out there in the world and the customers are happy to embrace it.

    And here is the good thing: no one demands from you to stop your usual business immediately. No, not at all. But right now, you have the great opportunity to make your first steps in the cloud in addition to your on-premise business. You can do that, before the market is covered by all kind of other SAP Business One Cloud suppliers. You can do that now!

    So, stop investing and start consuming. There are plenty of fish in the sea – Cloudiax partner all over the world experience the customer’s fascination about a simple, rapid and cheap SAP Business One solution. This is not a vision of the future, how it could be. It’s already happening, with our without you. So, if the cloud is the future, then the future is now.

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