• Cloudiax and MyWave.AI:
    Pioneering the future of AI in the Cloud

    Cloudiax and MyWave.AI: <br>Pioneering the future of AI in the Cloud

    In an era where artificial intelligence drives the pace of business innovation, Cloudiax has recognized the potential of AI early on. As we strive to be among the pioneers in offering AI-powered Private Cloud solutions, we embarked on a mission to integrate AI capabilities directly within our own data centers.

    The decision was driven by a desire for independence and required a deep dive into AI technology, not just to understand its potential but to master what was necessary to provide AI services. We wanted to utilize AI for our operations and offer it to our customers without relying on third-party services from giants like Microsoft, Google, or OpenAI.

    The genesis of a powerful collaboration

    To achieve this, we've found the perfect partner in MyWave.AI- a Generative AI platform for businesses. MyWave.AI supports companies with AI-driven customer experience solutions to create innovative products.

    The journey of Cloudiax and MyWave.AI started in Austria at the LinkedWorld Summit event, where our CEO Dirk and COO Sabine met Geraldine, Chelsea and Amy from MyWave.AI for the first time. What used to be an introductory meeting soon unfolded into an extensive exchange of ideas, showcasing each other's concepts. The chemistry was undeniable, and the business models presented were not only interesting but advantageous for both sides.

    Cloudiax, with its vast potential in the SAP partner landscape, and MyWave.AI, in search of foundational partners in the SAP B1 domain, found common ground. Unlike the traditional settings they were accustomed to, our collaboration was poised to explore new horizons.

    Since February, we have successfully tested and deployed our first systems, utilizing both Windows and Linux-based platforms. Currently, we are exploring various Large Language Models (LLMs) from different providers, such as Meta’s Llama 2 and Mistral, showcasing our commitment to offering a diverse range of AI services. Together with MyWave.AI, we are set to introduce a new generation of Private AI applications in SAP Business One.

    Join us at the SAP Partner Summit 2024

    At the SAP Partner Summit in Singapore, Daniel and Andreas from our Partner Management team will be there at booth No. 4 to answer all your questions about Private AI and SAP Business One Cloud. Since the launch of our new data center in Singapore, our customers in Asia now experience significantly faster SAP B1 system availability and substantially reduced latency times than ever before. This advancement marks a pivotal improvement in our service delivery, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and performance for businesses across Asia.

    Further, we’ll finally showcase the first demos of our Private AI. Be among the first to explore this groundbreaking development and its impact on the SAP industry. Make sure to also hit the MyWave.AI talk “MyWave.AI Generative AI Co-pilot for SAP Business One” on March 12, 5 pm to 5:45 pm, to discover the power of MyWave.AI for SAP Business One, an innovative interaction layer that combines LLM with guided business processes. Chat with your personal Co-pilot and effortlessly retrieve SAP data or combine it with the power of SAP’s Document Extraction and Build Process Automation to streamline your tasks and reduce unnecessary steps. Of course, the possibilities of AI can be applied efficiently not only to development but to all departments of the company.

    Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

    We’re not only present at the Summits to showcase new AI innovations. This year we want to celebrate with you our 10th Anniversary: a Decade of SAP B1 Cloud - Hosted by Cloudiax. For this occasion, we have thought of something very special for our partners and their customers. You can expect the opportunity to win great prizes at our exhibition stand, including access to the private AI system, so it’s worth coming early to our booth No. 4 in Singapore. Of course, we also have a great offer for new partners.

    Cloudiax is represented in Phoenix Arizona and Madrid as well, where you have the chance to win - at least you can pick up a little snack from us. We are really looking forward to meeting you at one of the SAP Partner Summit events this year. Schedule a personal meeting with your Cloudiax team at Summits 2024:

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