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    Cloudiax congratulates the Sailing Bundesliga Team of the Bocholter Yachtclub

    Stay out ouf trouble! <br><small>Cloudiax congratulates the Sailing Bundesliga Team of the Bocholter Yachtclub</small>

    Constance-Germany, 15.09.2023 - It could hardly be closer, only 0.17 points separate the team of the Bocholter Yachtclub from a place on the podium. As a proud sponsor we at Cloudiax sincerely congratulate the sailing Bundesliga team of the Bocholter Yachtclub for this impressive performance.

    The fourth match day of the 2023 sailing league season on the Lake Constance was undoubtedly an exciting event, which was characterized by little wind and sunny temperatures.

    With the motivating words “The wind forecast looks lousy, but we'll get it done”, the race director opened the fourth match day of the German Sailing League on Lake Constance. For the team of the Bocholter Yachtclub, on this match day in the constellation of Stefan Sundarp, Johannes Rösing, Anne Hengstermann and Kolja Paus, light wind on Lake Constance was no foreign word.

    Foreship man Stefan Sundarp already emphasized before the first start on Friday: “In these critical conditions with little and therefore incalculable wind, every mistake is fatal. Therefore, on this match day, our motto is all the more important: Stay out of trouble!”. This meant not taking any unnecessary risks, staying in control and acting as confidently as possible from a position of calm.

    The team started well into the competition with rankings of 4 / 2 / 2. Decent starts, good boat speed and smart tactics without many risks paid off, so that in the evening they finished 7th overall (out of 18). On Saturday, unfortunately, there was not enough wind to race. The team used the time to relax on the boat and enjoy the sun. Only on Sunday the situation improved with upcoming thermals.

    The team of the Bocholter Yachtclub

    The team of the Bocholter Yachtclub waits for wind on Saturday. From left to right: Kolja Paus, Stefan Sundarp, Anne Hengstermann, Johannes Rösing.


    The team acted motivated, but also cautious, because the places 4 to 15 were very close. One mistake could have pushed them far back, but a good race could also secure a place in the top 4. In the sixth race, the team showed their strength again and finished third, which already secured their position in the top seven.

    Before the last race, tactician Anne Hengstermann again motivated the team to once again go through with all their energy and concentration and “sail hard on the motto”. And “stay out of trouble” once again proved to be the best solution. The team was thus able to confidently realize its course strategy and win the last race.

    As a result, the BOH-YC team finished the day in fourth place, their best result of the season so far. With only 0.17 points behind a podium position, it shows how fiercely competitive the sailing league is.

    In conversation with us, during the return trip from Lake Constance, helmsman Kolja Paus summarized: Of course it is always a pity to sail so close to the podium, but we can still be proud of this performance. He further emphasized the brilliant communication on board and the importance of strategic safety, overview and attention in these changing conditions.

    We congratulate the team once again and consider our business to have interesting parallels with the strategic motto of the sailors. With our Cloud services, we also guarantee our customers “Stay out of trouble!” and thus ensure that they can concentrate on their own core competencies in peace - an ideal basis for economic success.

    Become our partner today and discover how our Cloud services can empower your success. Don't hesitate – start your evolution today!


    PS: The finals of the German Sailing League will take place from October 19 - 21 in Hamburg on the Außenalster. With the fourth place in Constance, the BOH-YC has moved up to tenth place in the overall ranking, tied for eighth place. We are looking forward to an exciting final!

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