• More security for your valuable data!

    More security for your valuable data!

    Our Data Protection Officer Peter Grätz has summarized the following notes, which are of great importance for all our partners, customers and employees.

    Strong password

    Access to online accounts should be protected by a strong password and a different password should be used for each account. A strong password consists of numbers, letters, and special characters that do not yield a known string.

    Certified Websites

    Passwords are confidential data and should not be used carelessly. You should pay particular attention to the fact that the encryption of the website is on. This can be seen by the use of https:// in the internet link. You can also enter the https:// yourself if the website does not offer this independently. If that does not work, do not enter any sensitive data there.


    Your smartphone should always be secured with PIN, password, fingerprint or face recognition. Be careful with messenger services. Some messenger providers collect metadata (such as user ID of the conversation participants) and some do not provide end-to-end encryption. Make yourself smart!

    c-Accounts’ passwords

    Please never use passwords for your c-Accounts that you have already used elsewhere. For example, on shop pages or similar. The danger that such a password on a website is stolen is huge. And leads to the fact that somebody can then test and misuse it against your c-Account.

    Cloudiax consultant’s accounts

    We would like to ask our employees and partners to be careful with the access data. Sharing accounts of employees and consultants with multiple employees is not allowed.

    Email attachments

    Only open the e-mail attachments if the sender, subject and e-mail text are plausible and you are sure that the attachment is not fake (phishing).

    Social networks

    In social networks, it's better not to send confidential information (such as passwords, bank account numbers, ID card scans, confidential pictures) to people or chat groups.

    Publication of data

    Minimize your data on the net - your data will be used to create profiles about you without your knowledge! The profiles are used to make statements or predictions about you. They do not have to be correct, but they are nevertheless used. By whom and for what purpose - unknown!

    It is better to close what you do not use

    Everyone should delete accounts on social networks or websites when they are no longer used.

    Update the software and the operating system

    All used computers and mobile devices should be regularly updated with the software and operating system, and should be equipped with up-to-date antivirus programs, which must also be updated regularly.

    Lock screen

    Lock your screen with "Windows + L" every time you leave the workstation. Get used to doing that, even when just leaving the workplace.

    Despite all these measures, absolute security is not given, but a lot better if you follow the above advice.


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