• Make your customers real winners!

    Make your customers real winners!

    In the previous posts, we explained the Cloudiax Community and what it can mean for your business. Now it’s time to get things moving.
    The world is changing and it’s not only in technology, everybody’s life is changing. From the way we do shopping, to self-driving cars, to 3-D printed human body parts. People have to re-invent their working life and businesses are facing complete different competition. Business is becoming more international focused and every SME has to think about new strategies.

    All these business changes can be supported by enterprise class IT-landscapes. Yes, that’s what any SME can have today, tools they have never dreamt about before.
    The Cloudiax Community can help SME’s with building new strategies and new software systems. Below we gathered a couple of statements from Cloudiax partners. These are examples of how SAP Business One with the various solutions can be delivered through Cloudiax. No big upfront investments, pays as you grow and start immediately!


    „Signing up with Cloudiax has been a GAME CHANGER for us and it's the next BIG thing for AFRICA Vision 2016.“

    Raj Patel
    Business Development Manager, Techbiz Infotec Ltd.

    „With our advanced inventory planner, customers of Valogix automatically forecast, plan, replenish & optimize almost any inventory. With the Cloudiax platform it can be delivered together with SAP Business One without big upfront costs. Customers can benefit right away.“

    Tom Glacken
    VP Sales & Marketing, Valogix

    „With our Versago portal, we give every SAP Business One customer a unique way to better interact with their customers, vendors, employees and more. This leads to a better customer retention, vendor interaction, employee satisfaction which equals increased profitability for all. We deliver Versago and our other add-ons for SAP Business One on the Cloudiax platform. No more installation, system tuning, extra hardware or other costs, just better business!“

    Korey Lind
    CEO, Third Wave Business Systems

    „Our ProcessForce solution for SAP Business One is suited for many different process manufacturing companies such as food and beverage, chemicals and pharma. With the Cloudiax platform, our customers can start right away without big up-front investments. This brings an enterprise class IT landscape to our SME customers.“

    Martin Gore
    Global Sales Director, Computec S.A.

    „With Cloudiax, we have the possibility to support customers with a SAP Business One system where our archiving solution CKS.DMS is already integrated. This means that the customer has a solution that is completely optimized and ready to run in no time.“

    Chris Kroos
    CEO, C.K. Solutions

    „With C.One, the SAP Business One certified solution for chemical and cosmetic companies, our clients get all industry specific functionalities like formulation management, batch processing, compounding-, mixing- and filling-orders, extended quality management and a lot more. Together with cloudiax also small companies with small budgets can profit from this powerful industry solution integrated in a powerful cloud solution in the most affordable way.“

    Roman Mayr
    Executive assistant, PART Business Solutions


    These Cloudiax partners are all very experienced in their lines of business and can help SAP Business One VAR partners to change their market approach and make their customers real winners.

    Let’s all find out how long it takes before we have 100,000 SAP Business One customers in the world!

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