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Cloudiax configuration on Mac devices

Get help to configure Cloudiax on your Mac devices with just a few clicks. Open the Mac App-Store & search for Microsoft Remote Desktop...

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1. Open the Mac App-Store and search in the box (top right) for Microsoft Remote Desktop Version 10 or higher.


2. Download the app Microsoft Remote Desktop and install it.

3. Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop via Launchpad or the Applications folder.

4. Select Add Desktop in the menu bar.

Add Desktop

5. Enter the following information:
PC Name: c<CustomerNumber>.cloudiax.com:<Port>


6. Click on Add User Account.


7. Enter
User name: CLOUDIAX<username>
Password: <Enter c-User password>
Backslash on Mac: shift+alt+7

8. Click Save.


9. Click Save.


10. Double click in the new icon.

Double click in the new icon

11. Connection will get initialized.



How can I adjust the screen resolution?

1.  Do a right mouse click on your connection and select Edit.

adjust the screen resolution

2, Select the Display tab and activate Fit session to window.

3. After login the system will not login in full screen anymore and the users is able the see his taskbar and other local applications.

After login



How can I redirect my local printers and folders?

1. Select your „Connection“ with right mouse click and select „Edit“.


2. Go to the „Local Resources“ tab. To enable Printer redirecting:  Enable checkbox next to „Printers“.

Local Resources

3. Enable Folder redirecting: Enable checkbox next to „Folders“ and click on the „+“ sign.

4. Select the local folder you want to share with the Cloudiax environment and click „Open“.

Select the local folder

5. Click „Save“ to save all the changes.

Click Save

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