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How to use DTW on Cloudiax with a Mac

Learn how to use DTW (Data Transfer Workbench) to import data in the SAP Business One Cloud with your Mac.

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1. Create a local folder on your Mac e.g. on the desktop where you save all your DTW templates.

 local folder on your Mac

2. Start Microsoft Remote Desktop and start the Remote Resource Data Transfer Workbench (32-bit) (DTW).

Remote Resource

3. Enter your credentials to connect to the database.

Enter Credentials

4. Click Next.

Click Next

5. Select Data Type and click „Next“.

Select Data Type

6. Specify Operation Type.

Specify Operation Type

7. Select a Business Object and click „Next“.

Business Object

8. Select a data source for business objects.

9. Click on the left side on „Network“ then „tsclient“.

Click Network

10. Afterwards you will see you home folder select the folder where you saved the DTW templates e.g.DesktopDTW import and click open.

DTW import

11. DTW will take over the selected file into the „Data Source“ screen. Click “Next” to map the data of the file.

Data Import Wizard

12. Check if the files are correctly mapped to the target fields and click next.

Select Next

13. Run the simulation or start the import of the DTW template.

Run the simulation


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