• Why coronavirus does not stop us from offering you full services?

    Why coronavirus does not stop us from offering you full services?

    We monitor the development of coronavirus infections (COVID-19) in Germany and worldwide.

    It is very important for us to ensure the health situation of our employees and at the same time to continue to offer efficient and uninterrupted service as well as support to our customers and partners. Since we have always taken precautionary measures as part of our Business Continuity Management, we are well prepared for the unexpected incidents.

    Herewith we would like to give you more information about how efficient Business Continuity Management at Cloudiax ensures the smooth and trouble-free operation of your company:


    Cloudiax has been able to work 100% remote since the company was founded!

    We -the Cloudiax team- have been working 100% remote for a week. We just switched our complete daily internal and external meetings and communications to Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting. We always have access to our servers from anywhere via VPN. Actually, it was easy for us to achieve our high level of performance while working from home during the past days, because Cloudiax has always allowed his employees to work remote, and therefore the change for our team was seamless. Even under a complete shutdown of public life caused by national quarantine mesures, we will offer you the same services as before.

    We care about you with our full power!

    Cloudiax continues to offer uninterrupted service and 24/7/365 support for its customers and partners around the world. We have filled all positions in the company redundantly and therefore we can maintain regular operations even under this changing circumstances and health issues. This situation caused by the coronavirus has no impact on our services, new deployments, updates, daily backups, etc.

    Coronavirus cannot affect our security measures for your valuable data!

    The data of our partners and their customers are with the highest security technologies completely secure in our data center. Cloud powered by Cloudiax doesn’t know quarantine!


    Safe with a very good financial stability!

    Cloudiax has achieved a stable financial position with partners and customers in different branches all over the world in recent years. Therefore we’re independent from the development in single economies as well as we are project-independent by our subscription-based pricing model.


    What are you waiting for?

    Be prepared! Bring your customers fast and easy to our cloud now and offer them:

    •  Guaranteed access to their cloud environment from anywhere and on any device!
    • The opportunity to work with full performance even in quarantine!
      Offer your customers 50% discount and 90 days withdrawal right using the Quick Starter Edition to discover the cloud world fast, easy and without any risks!

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