• The Foundation of your success

    The Foundation of your success

    In our post from last week, “Grow or disappear", we mentioned the Cloudiax Community. In the following episodes, we want to inform you about this community. The topic of today is: What is the basis of this Cloudiax Community, the Cloudiax Foundation.

    Basically, this foundation is built from four elements:

    Cloudiax Basis
    SAP Business One Cloud environment for MS SQL and SAP HANA. A complete, ready-to-run Cloud platform. All IT aspects, like updates, security, integrations with other systems, secure login and guaranteed uptimes are taken care off. SAP Business One with all needed Add-ons pre-installed, with NO SETUP COSTS and our partners can use any type of SAP Business One license.

    Cloudiax Academy
    Learning platform with all possible training material for SAP Business One. Also included is training material of our SSP partners. This Cloudiax Academy can be used by the SSP partners to train their VAR partners and by our VAR partners to train their customers. A ready-to-run training platform with static and dynamic content and also to be used for live webinar training.

    Cloudiax 24/7 Support
    A service for all customers, worldwide, who use the Cloudiax platform. A 24/7 staffed service center where our customers can call or E-mail, if they have problems with logging into their system. Direct help available!

    Cloudiax HANA Development platform
    Available for all SSP and VAR partners that want to take advantage of the ready-to-run, powerful and simple development tools that SAP HANA offers.

    Cloudiax Basis is the standard offering. Your customers can benefit from this complete SAP Business One Cloud solution. It can be both MS SQL and SAP HANA, no price difference. This means that from one user up you can sell SAP Business One HANA with profit; a total new market will be opened.

    The good part for a customer is that this way of pricing will give him very clear insight in the current and future costs of his IT landscape.

    Now you know what this solid Foundation means for you and your customers, you are ready to learn about the ready-to-run SSP solutions that are offered in the Cloudiax Community. Until next week.

    Happy selling (SAP Business One HANA please)!

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