• Play your part in climate protection with Cloudiax by your side!

    Play your part in climate protection with Cloudiax by your side!

    What used to be an exception is now a part of working life. It's the new normal: remote work.

    Once you have set up your workplace at home, you can benefit from the model in many ways. This saves you not only the time to drive to the office, the distance and the stress of traffic to get there, but you also actively participate in climate protection.

    According to a study in Germany*: If 40 percent of employees work permanently from home two days a week, this would reduce CO2 emissions of around 5.4 million tons per year just in the traffic. That makes up a total of 18 percent of all emissions from commuters. At the same time, around 35 billion passenger kilometers would be saved, which would relieve the roads.

    The issue of climate protection is likely to become even more prominent than ever and affects each and every one of us. How can we do our part to reduce the carbon footprint? Quite simply, by doing more home office. So if we often work remotely instead of driving to the office, there is less traffic on the streets. Appointments can be kept in front of the laptop via Skype or Teams. It has been proven that you print less and you don't waste much less paper.

    Cloudiax sets also a clear sign for the environment.

    Because the Cloudiax data center produces 100% of its own electricity from wind power, solar systems and biothermal power plants and is therefore 100% CO2-neutral.

    Right from the beginning, Cloudiax employees have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they prefer to go to the office, work from home or from any other location. The distance to the company does not matter at Cloudiax. Some employees even work at a greater distance from our office in North Rhine-Westphalia. This makes it easier for employees to combine their work with their private lives.

    With Cloudiax by your side, you can enable your customers/employees to work in the cloud flexibly, mobile and independent of location! You benefit from our many years of experience in the cloud and, at the same time, you participate in climate protection.

    We look forward to welcoming you as our partner and customer!

    Bring your customers/employees quickly and easily to our cloud and enable them to work productively and conveniently from everywhere!

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    Play your part in climate protection now! 


    * Source: Greenpeace study (in German) |

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