• Run simple

    Run simple

    Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. (Albert Einstein)
    This statement from Albert Einstein is the basic thought behind the “Run Simple” principle. Many companies these days see their business change. This because their markets are changing. Everything is more global and IT is more and more involved in their main business processes.
    If you want to deal with all these changes and change your business strategy to deal with these changes it seems very complex. Web Shops, Business Networks, Integrations between systems are one big chunk of technology and complexity.

    How can you make this all work for you and your business?

    It’s interesting to see that some companies see this as a threat and others as an opportunity to grow and being able to compete with larger companies. It starts with the business strategy. If you keep thinking about the business like it was in the good old days, you are in trouble.
    More and more companies are embracing the changes and make the right steps to change their IT landscape.

    If you take SAP Business One as an example, it will become clear. Companies can start with SAP Business One on Cloudiax and can implement very fast. Because of the flexible infrastructure Cloudiax is based on, they can start using different solutions like Point of Sale, Document Management, Web shop connector or various portals where they can serve customers, vendors and employees. No big investments and no technology knowledge needed. It is available right now!
    Important here is that the Cloudiax IT infrastructure scales with their needs and all needed solutions and apps are ready to run available when they are needed.
    This gives them a huge competitive advantage and they can really benefit from all the new business opportunities.

    Here you can see what “run simple” can do. Start with SAP Business One on Cloudiax and extend that with the functions you need. No worries about technology, big investments and the need of knowledge that is hardly available.

    This is what’s going on in the world, whether you like it or not. So, embrace the new opportunities and start running simple with SAP Business One on Cloudiax!

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