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  • Your advantages

    Start from one user

    You can already start with just one user.


    MS SQL & OCR

    Included in the price are the OCR for text recognition and the MS-SQL database for indexing and storing the data.


    Select the functions
    as needed

    Access via HTML5 client (web browser). Full user has no functional restrictions. Light user has limited functionality.


    Setup is included

    Do not pay any setup costs for building your DMS environment.


    Work anywhere
    at anytime

    Cloudiax ensures you that your environment always has enough memory, processors and hard disk capacity.


    Add-ons and modules

    Accantum and its partners offer additional modules (Outlook add-in) and interfaces (SAP B1).


    Save money

    Pay only the users you need. Choose the cheaper option “light user” if its functionality is sufficient.


    Conform to law

    The DMS / Archive is certified. Thus, a revision-safe and legally compliant archiving can be guaranteed.


    MS Office add-in

    The DMS can be connected directly to your local MS Office package.


    Simple document transfer

    Documents can be easily transferred via FTP or upload to the DMS. Documents / data can be downloaded at the touch of a button.


    Software made
    in Germany

    The software is developed in Germany according to our legal requirements and quality standards.


    Data privacy GDPR

    Data and access protection as well as the current GDPR guidelines are considered in the software.


    Always available

    Cloudiax guarantees 99.5% uptime to log in to your software.


    Free update to the latest version

    We update your document management regularly. We inform you about innovations via our newsletter.


    Regular backups
    are included

    Your databases will be backed up several times a day.


    Made in Germany

    Our data center is in Germany. With the strictest European and German privacy policy your valuable company data is safe in our data center.


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in 83 countries

Cloudiax is represented worldwide. No matter where you are. Join us from everywhere.

Flexible use

All functions of the DMS can also be used by third-party systems via the API interface.

Choose a suitable partner

for the implementation of your business processes. We can suggest a suitable partner or you can find a partner yourself.

Access extensions of [accantum] document management

with the help of our partner solutions developed by certified Solution Partners.



Included in the price

  • Backup from your databases several times a day.
  • Updates once or twice a year.
  • OCR license for text recognition.
  • Microsoft SQL database.
  • Microsoft Office add-in.

You pay
for your company


monthly / per company


Just count your users and choose a user option

Full user


monthly / per user

Full user includes all available functionalities without restriction.

Light user


monthly / per user

Ligh user is subject to capture, upload and workflow restrictions.

E-Mail user


monthly / per user

Email user includes all available e-mail functionality.

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