document, process management
and archiving
in the cloud


Documents are automatically read and sorted out

Your documents in all formats are automatically converted into the readable text formats.

The integrated document recognition and processing enables easy and automated recognition, processing and filing of documents.

Workflow - document processes in the company

All documents are in a central pool in the cloud.

Automated control of documents throughout the company enables a fast and smooth flow of information and the development of efficient processes.

access for employees, partners and external users

Documents are visible only to users who have access.

For example, it would be configurable to allow an auditor to search only the tax-relevant documents that are within the audit period.


Use our
cloud services


Electronic administration
of documents.

  • Your advantages

    Start from
    one user

    You can begin to use your
    DMS cloud from one user.


    document editing

    Edit your documents as before, just digitally. Add stamps, notes and fields and enter the document for review / release in the workflow.


    Access via
    internet browser

    We provide you access to your DMS (document management system) environment via Internet browser.
    At any time and from anywhere.



    The data transmission
    is encrypted.


    Setup is included

    Do not pay any setup costs for setting up your [accantum] DMS environment.


    No investment in software and hardware (server)

    Using our [accantum] DMS solution in the cloud keeps your IT costs constant and predictable.


    Save money

    Start with the users you need at the beginning. Then increase the number of users as needed. Choose the cheaper light user license if its functionality is sufficient for you.


    Cloud made in Germany

    Our data center is in Germany.
    With the strictest European and German privacy policy your valuable company data is safe in our data center.


    Always available

    Cloudiax guarantees 99.5% uptime to log in to your [accantum] DMS environment.


    Free update
    to the latest version

    We update your document management system - DMS - regularly.


    Regular backups
    are included

    Your database will be backed up at least once a day and stored for 30 days.


    Data privacy GDPR

    Data and access protection as well as the current GDPR guidelines are considered in the software.


    E-mail archiving
    and direct search
    from Outlook

    By request any user can use the free Outlook plug-in to archive his e-mails or simply search straight from Outlook in the archive.


    Scalable solution

    The right version for different company size. Every company gets a decent performance provided.


    Microsoft Office

    The DMS can be connected directly to your local Microsoft Office package.


    Simple document
    transfer to the DMS

    Documents can be easily transferred via FTP or upload to the DMS. Documents / data can be downloaded at the push of a button.


users are already using
the benefits of [accantum] DMS

Start with the DMS in the cloud
and save time and money.


companies have
decided for [accantum] DMS

Come to the cloud. We take care
of digitizing your business processes.


Basic fee

You pay
for your company


monthly / per company

The basic fee already includes

  • the deployment and operation of your [accantum] DMS solution
  • a database for the indexing and storage of the documents in the cloud
  • a license for text recognition
  • all other licenses required for the installation


user options

Just count your users
and choose an user option

Full user


monthly / per user

Full user includes all available functionalities without restriction.

Light user


monthly / per user

Light user has limitations on capture, upload and workflow.

E-mail user


monthly / per user

E-mail user includes all available e-mail functionality.


Full user

Light user

E-mail user

Object permissions




Display document, edit, archive, copy, move, send by e-mail




Create a document link




Add / delete stamp




Display storage location




View documents with personal data / sensitive data




Start tasks




Delete document / document pages




Add / delete attachment




Create document version




Create, edit, delete, copy, move a storage location




Users / groups permissions




Manage personal templates




Display archive info




Restore in the personal trash




Manage user tasks




Manage global search templates




Extended view




Create / upload new documents




Manage users / groups, analysis, categories, category permissions / folder permissions, attributes, tasks, stamps, mail rules, settings




Delete in personal trash, manage global recycle bin




Use / administrate document capture




Set user preferences for other users




View dashboard / perform administrative tasks




Notify modules




Administer export paths




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[accantum] DMS and SAP B1 interfaces

In addition [accantum] offers you interfaces to other third-party products such as MS-Dynamics NAV and SAGE.

Electronic archiving is becoming a big subject for customers using SAP Business One. The document management and archive system DMS [accantum] provides a comprehensive interface which is compatible with SAP. With these interfaces all relevant outgoing documents and protocols are automatically tagged in the background and transferred directly to [accantum] DMS.


Accantum DMS Partner Datec
Accantum DMS Partner Multiwork
Accantum DMS Partner Upload24
Accantum DMS Partner Versino


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