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Automate workflows and processes in your company and increase the efficiency and productivity of your team.


Processes are clearly represented by flowchart diagrams. The integrated monitor ensures transparency of ongoing processes.


Pay no setup costs for building your [accantum] WMS environment in the cloud!


Choose the cloud made in Germany!
Our data center is located in Germany. Your valuable company data is safe in our data center.


Benefit from the guaranteed availability for logging into your [accantum] WMS environment in the cloud!


Increase team satisfaction through improved collaboration and optimum process. Your employees are the first to notice when they enjoy their work!


Make your company fit for the future. Use the cloud instead of investing in new hardware and IT staff.


Reach your WMS environment via the internet browser. Anytime and anywhere!



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of [accantum] WMS - Workflow Management System. Start now and accelerate the process flow in your company!



have chosen [accantum] WMS - Workflow Management System.
Come to the cloud. We take care of the automation of regularly recurring business processes in your company!


Basic fee

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The basic fee already includes

  • the deployment and operation of your [accantum] DMS solution
  • a database for the indexing and storage of the documents in the cloud
  • a license for text recognition
  • all other licenses required for the installation

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user options

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WMS User


from 1 to 5 users

20 € monthly/per user

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18 € monthly/per user

20 % discount
from 21 to 50 users

16 € monthly/per user

30 % discount
from 51 users

14 € monthly/per user

DMS & WMS Combi User




monthly/per user


Saving option!

With this option you can order DMS and WMS users together in a combi option and save money.

also our

document, process management
and archiving
in the cloud


  • Edit your documents as before, just digital!
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in your company

frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between the [accantum] WMS and the free workflow that is already integrated in the DMS?

    The [accantum] Workflow Management System (WMS) expanded the integrated workflows already available free of charge in the Document Management System (DMS) with numerous functionalities.

  • Do I have to order WMS User together with DMS User?

    The [accantum] WMS – Workflow Management System and [accantum] DMS – Document Management System can be ordered independently, but ideally they are used together.

  • How can I become a Cloudiax [accantum] partner?

    You can start with us as a Cloudiax partner in just a few steps. Simple and risk free! Just click here, fill in the information and sign the contract. Welcome to Cloudiax!

  • How can I order the [accantum] WMS Cloud User as a new Cloudiax customer?

    First decide on a user option: WMS User or the combination option WMS User + DMS Full User.
    Choose a certified [accantum] partner for the implementation of your business processes. You can also find a suitable partner yourself.

    Order your WMS User now easily and quickly!

  • How can I order new [accantum] WMS Cloud customers / users as a Cloudiax partner?

    Please simply use our customer order form and send it to us.

  • What is included in the monthly basic fee of 50€?

    The monthly basic fee includes the provision and operation of the [ accantum] solution, an SQL database for indexing and storing documents in the cloud, the [accantum] company license, the OCR license (optical character recognition) and all other licenses required for installation.

  • How does Cloudiax settle my orders?

    We bill orders quarterly (calendar quarter). The invoice is due and payable in advance.

  • Which support channels are available to Cloudiax partners?

    Our support team of specialists is there for you 24/7/365!
    The Cloudiax support team offers you fast response, high first-contact resolution rate, multilingual support, full monitoring and many other highlights.

  • Does Cloudiax also offer Two Factor Authentication to protect customer accounts?

    We offer our users Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect their data and ensure that only they can access their own account. The item is only required once per user, regardless of which and how many solutions the user uses on the Cloudiax platform.

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