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Tips and advices about managed ERP cloud solutions and services

  • Sep. 29, 2016

    VariAdd Project, Project manufacturing Solution

    VariAdd Project, Project manufacturing Solution - Picture Blog

    Managing customer orders on a project basis is one of the biggest challenges in the project industry. The continuous synchronisation between project planning, resource planning and material planning is a major challenge for every project-driven business. Because of the dynamic nature of specifications and plans, it is important to have real-time access to the huge amount of data required (delivery dates, resource utilisation, purchase orders, bills of materials, etc.).  Integral control of the business processes has a positive effect on delivery reliability, project margins, utilisation levels, and project overhead. What do you need to confront your challenges?

    VariAdd Project for SAP Business One

    ● Project planning Interactive Gantt chart planning with multiple levels and milestones. Material requirements are linked with project activities and are directly visible in the project plan!
    ● Capacity planning Graphical-based capacity planning. Using drag & drop, activities and hours in the project plan can be allocated directly to employees and machines.
    ● Project material Directly linked to project activities. Just in time material management
    ● Job costing Direct access to projected, planned versus actual and project margin. Extensive ‘drill-down’ options to activity, material and man-hour details.
    ● Invoicing and Accounting Billing schemas, including milestone billing, activity billing and progress billing. Revenue recognition and WIP control.
    ● Sales management Extensive sales calculations with generation of different quotations. Completely integrated in opportunity management.
    ● Workflow All users receive pro-active tasks and automatic alerts to control project disruption.
    ● Procurement and Inventory Project based procurement and internal production. Project inventory reservations and multiple warehouses.
    ● Time management Direct and indirect hours in (web) time sheets with multi-level approval stages.

    Your results
    ● Improved Project margins
    ● On-time deliveries
    ● Better utilization of resources
    ● On-time payments (Cash flow)
    ● Grip on deadlines
    ● Peace in the company

    If you have the VariAdd Project solution as a Cloud offering, both internal as external employees can work with it. Together with the VariApp TMC all your data is real time and always up-to-date!



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