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Tips and advices about managed ERP cloud solutions and services

  • Jun. 10, 2016

    No, working in slow-motion isn’t cool!

    No, working in slow-motion isn’t cool! - Picture Blog

    Technological progress will soon be faster than light. Every twelve to eighteen months, computer double their capabilities. And your customer is still running his SAP Business One on and old and disused terminal server? Let us ask you this: Why don’t you change it?

    No more out of fashion.
    No more efforts into slow-motion.

    Your customers deserve more than that. They deserve to be close to the peak of what IT offers us today. Even if your customers got set up “just two years ago”, there still is a huge potential for improvement. Actually… it doesn’t really matter how old the systems of your customers are, since maintenance and upgrades will always be a matter, and always slow down the business. Not to mention of the costs they have to face in those processes.

    No more trouble with outdated versions.
    No more madness because of database upgrades.

    Your customers might not even get their IT environment from you. And they still deserve better. It’s your responsibility and obligation to ensure that your customers run their business with the fastest IT they can afford today. And they can afford the cream of the crop. They only have to take a step into the cloud.

    So, imagine yourself as the supplier of a fast, highly secure and fully managed SAP Business One environment, including all the necessary installations, server licenses and software components which provide your customers with such a powerful and fast system that he could break the sound barrier with it.

    Cloudiax enables you to bring your customers in such a cloud environment in a laughable amount of time. Since we already setup all the necessary things to run companies with SAP Business One on HANA or SQL, you only need to provide us with your customers’ licenses and databases, and they are ready to go.

    Let us repeat this: You only need to bring in the licenses and databases, and your customer can run his business with the speed of light.

    It’s time to abandon the sinking ship of on-premise installations.



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