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Tips and advices about managed ERP cloud solutions and services

  • German IT-SME: The cloud on the sole lead!

    German IT-SME: The cloud on the sole lead! - Picture Blog

    The German IT-SME got it under their belt. Cloud Computing is not just a matter that deserves attention – according to BITKOM, the cloud floats in first when it comes to topics medium-sized ITC-companies deal with.

    SAP Business One customers, too, face more and more frequently the question, if they really want to have the expenditure and complexity of an own, functioning IT-infrastructure on their shoulders – or if a cloud solution simplifies the business after all. As a partner of Cloudiax, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with exactly such a solution – more flexible, scalable and cleary opportune.

    Joining the Cloudiax community is, by the way, pretty simple. Just write us to And since reading is fun, we got you more information on

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