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Tips and advices about managed ERP cloud solutions and services

  • Feb. 19, 2016

    Do you have the right strategy?

    Do you have the right strategy? - Picture Blog

    Some statements to think about!

    – The world for business software is changing rapidly, prospects and customers want flexibility, predictable costs and a system they can they use any time on any device and from any place. This market trend makes it necessary to be able to deliver your SAP Business One solution from a cloud environment!

    – SAP has a clear strategy towards Cloud and SAP HANA, a rather complex and expensive environment!

    – Depending on where in the world you are, you can say that SAP Business One is sold, in at least 60% of all cases, with one or more add-ons! And this can be a complicated process to go through!

    – Many SAP Business One partners don’t have the resources nor the knowledge to build their own cloud environment!

    – Integration of different software systems is an absolute must these days!


    If you look at these statements, what is your conclusion?

    Meet the Cloudiax Community partners at the SAP Business One Summits in Phuket, Barcelona and Orlando. There we can explain how to deal with these changes and trends and how to prepare you for a changed way you do business and how your customers can do business. You can benefit from a big source of knowledge and market experience these SSP’s offer you. They’ll help you to grow your business.


    The Cloudiax Community will offer you:

    – The SAP Business One Cloud platform for MS SQL and SAP HANA
    – A learning platform with all possible training material for SAP Business One and the add-ons
    – Over 40 ready-to-run vertical solutions
    – Over 16 ready-to-run horizontal solutions
    – All the knowledge to successfully sell and implement these solutions

    Get yourself introduced to the Cloudiax Community and experience how these solutions run! We have a tombola where you can win valuable prices. In our next week email, we’ll let you know what the prices are.

    See you in Phuket!



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