Frequently asked questions about our cloud services

  • Which SAP Business One licenses can I use

    All products and solutions in this price list do not include SAP Business One and add-on licenses, unless expressly stated otherwise. You are completely free in your choice of license. You can bring your existing purchase licenses. You can buy new licenses from the SAP consulting company of your choice (on-premise licenses) or rent them (cloud licenses). OEM licenses, which are available together with an industry solution based on SAP Business One, can also be used by Cloudiax. It is worth comparing and getting the expert advice from one of the many Cloudiax partners on site. Cloudiax will be glad to help you with this.

    All other necessary licenses (operating systems, access licenses, virus protection, Microsoft SQL, etc.) are included in the respective Cloudiax product. The license for SAP Hana is supplied with rental licenses from SAP. A separate SAP HANA database must be purchased for on-premise licenses. For more information talk to your local SAP consulting company.

  • 2-factor authentication with SAP Business One

    Before you ask Cloudiax to switch on the 2-factor authentication, make sure it works for your installation.
    In the SAP Note: “2388843 – Two-Factor Authentication in SAP Business One Cloud” it says that add-ons must be prepared for this function with the B1 SDK.
    Since this is pretty new, it might be that the SSP partner doesn’t support this yet!

    If the add-on doesn’t work with 2-factor authentication, the whole system doesn’t work.

  • Backup & restore details

    How data backup/restore is performed? Daily a full backup

    RTO – Recovery time objective = Maximum 8 hours

    RPO – Recovery point objective = Maximum 24 hours

    How long is backed-up data retained? 30 days

    This is the standard service. If a customer wants a different RTO or RPO, we can offer that based on customer specifications.

  • Sometimes the HANA System starts slow, can we speed that up?

    Every now and then, users have to wait during the start-up of their HANA System. This can have 2 reasons.

    1. System maintenance has been done. After a HANA System is rebooted, the first user that logs in has to wait a minute. This is because HANA is an in-memory database so the whole database has to be “loaded”. Only with the first user that logs-in this happens. After that, the database is in memory and runs with the normal performance.
    2. Somebody added User Defined Fields (UDF) or Tables (UDT). This takes quite a long time in HANA. Therefore, if you want to add UDF’s or IDT’s, plan it so nobody has to wait for the system to be up-and-running.

    This behavior is also explained in SAP Note 2004082.

  • Is it possible to run a customer on Cloudiax in derogation from the upgrade plan?

    Upgrading a specific customer will lead to additional work for us, since we will have to deploy and individually upgrade the customer in a dedicated environment, which will require separate resources. Technically, we can offer the possibility, but it will lead to more costs for the customer and partner.

  • How does updates work?

    Your system is constantly updated by Cloudiax AG. This service is free. The update process is automatically launched twice a year by Cloudiax, so you do not miss anything. In addition an update can be performed outside this interval by your request. This could be in case if you need urgent functional extensions or bug fixes.

    The sequence of the update process is as follows

    1. Cloudiax AG provides you with a copy of your updated system in a test environment.
    2. Now you have to ensure that the new software release works without problems. Your productive system is not affected.
    3. If errors occur they are fixed in the test environment and you have to check it again.
    4. If you have successfully passed all your test scenarios, grant the release for productive operation.
    5. As a last step, the test environment is then transferred to the productive system.
  • Does our customer get one HANA engine or more? 64GB or 128?

    Since our environment is a true cloud environment, we don’t split our HANA box in this way. We provide what the customer needs for his environment, depending on the used products, and number of users and the size of the databases.

  • Are the HANA instances separate or multi-tenanted?

    We usually work with virtualization. Hence, there is no specific HANA instance for customers. However, if your customer has more than 50 users, he will get his own HANA appliance.

  • Can we have administration privileges in your cloud?

    If you have more than 50 users in our cloud, and if you can proof knowledge regarding the Cloud Control Center (CCC), you can get all the privileges via the CCC. You will get your own Service Unit, including B1if for all customers.

  • If we want to revert to a backup, how long would this process take and how far could we go?

    We have a backup per day, and you can go back the last 30 days. The speed of the backup process is dependent on the backup. If there are special requirements for a customer, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.

  • If a customer didn’t pay for a quarter, what will happen?

    This is up to the partner. Cloudiax has no financial contact to the partner’s customer, as we invoice the partner directly.

  • How is the commission working?

    There is no commission. Cloudiax will invoice the partner according to the list price less the partner margin. The partner invoices his customer.

  • What exactly do you cover as part of the full “managed service” for our clients?

    Cloudiax will take care of every software aspect in the cloud environment, including updates for operating systems, business software (e.g. SAP Business One), firewalls, virus protection, etc.

  • If the customer wants to go with a physical appliance as opposed to a multi-tenanted environment, what would be the pricing?

    This question applies for hosting matters. In this case, the SAP Business One Cloud hosted by Cloudiax operates without a connection to the SAP Cloud Control Center. Everything remains the same and only the integration into the SAP Cloud Control Center is eliminated. This increases the effort for Cloudiax. That’s why we add a flat rate surcharge of 10% to the cloud usage. In addition, in this case we calculate a one-time set-up fee and a flat rate charge per update. The calculation for hosting remains very simple. You should calculate the offer like with the cloud pricing and add 10% of this sum.

  • Is there any initial set up fee?


  • Is there a limit of users that can connect?

    In regard to SAP Business One, SAP gives the limit for the maximal users that can connect to a company database. Cloudiax itself is not giving any additional restrictions.

  • Now then, is Cloudiax Hosting, Housing, Cloud or SaaS?

    For Cloudiax, that question doesn’t need to be raised. The SAP Business One systems, no matter if on SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL, run on certified hardware and certified virtualisation enviroments. Our operations management makes sure that the required amount of CPU, RAM and free storage are allocated to the respective SAP Business One system, in order to run this system very fast and smoothly. Therefore, you neither need to think about the equipment of the systems, nor do you have to plan for reserves in case of growth. Cloudiax deals with this automatically and cost-optimized for all concerned parties.

    Apart from that, all systems are isolated from each other, so that an access from one system to the other becomes impossible. As a partner of Cloudiax, you get the necessary rights to manage the SAP systems of your customers.

  • Are the required licenses for databases and servers provided?
    • All necessary Microsoft licenses are provided with the Microsoft SPLA contract and included in the Cloud Basis User.
    • The SAP HANA license is part of the SAP Business One license.
    • The required SAP Business One licenses are provided by the Cloudiax partners.
  • How much memory/CPU/disk space is allocated to the server?

    Every user automatically gets the resources that he needs. We ensure an optimal environment for that.

  • Is it possible to test the system?

    Yes. If you want to get an impression of how simple it is to use SAP Business One with Cloudiax, we can provide you with your own test login, including the HTML5 client and access to a HANA database. Moreover, partners of Cloudiax get their own test system.

  • Where is my data and the data of my customers located?

    Cloudiax is distributed in several data centers. The main data center is located in Germany, close to Hamburg. All data centers are minimum Tier-3 certified and directly connected with exclusive and assured 2 x 10 Gbit/s to international internet nodes.

    Tier-3 data centers comply with the following security requirements:

    • 99,5 % uptime of the data center
    • N+1 fault tolerant providing at least 72 hour power outage protection
  • Which law applies for the protection of my data and the data of my customers?

    The data centers are managed and run in Germany by a German stock corporation. Hence, the German law applies for the storage of data in all data centers. The German laws regarding data protection are among the strictest worldwide, and have the highest requirements for entrance control, access control, transmission control, input control, task control, availability control and seperation control. Hence, Cloudiax meets or goes beyond all data protection requirements in the respective countries.

  • Is my SAP Business One able to send E-mails via Cloudiax?

    Yes. Cloudiax offers you the possibility to send bills and receipts directly from SAP Business One via E-Mail, using the mail adress of your company (e.g.

  • Can I export my bills, receipts and reports from SAP Business One via my local printer?

    Yes. You can export your bills, receipts and reports directly from SAP Business One via your local printer. In 90% of all cases, the printing service, delivered with Cloudiax as standard, usually suffices.

    In case you want to print a big amount of data or address central printing systems at your location, Cloudiax offers as well an optional and cost-efficient advanced printing solution. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Is it possible to connect local devices like warehouse scanner or production machines (IoT) with my SAP Business One on Cloudiax?

    Naturally, Cloudiax enabled the possibility to connect devices to Cloudiax that are used in your company, e.g. a hand scanner in your warehouse. Usually, this is already possible with Cloudiax Standard and without any further costs or expenditure.

    In case you also want to connect machine data from production machines or similar systems to your SAP Business One on Cloudiax, we offer an optional IoT solution (Internet of Things) that enables your SAP Business One to directly communicate with your machine. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

  • What is the term of contract?

    The term of the contract shall be 1 year and shall be extended automatically by a single 1 year if the contract is not cancelled at least 3 months before the end of the contract term.

  • Is it possible to downsize the number of user?

    Yes. You can downsize the number of users after 12 months in accordance to the term of contract (see above).

  • Is there an official documentation for the Cloud Control Center?

    Yes – SAP provides a documentation about the Cloud Control Center for every SAP partner. You can find it here.


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