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XPayroll 1

Partner Developer:
Solucionic México S.A. de C.V.

Payroll Add-On certified by SAP Business One compatible with SAP HANA and SAP SQL designed to optimize the processes of your company.

XPayroll 1 is a payroll Add – On saving time money by simplifying all calculations of your laboral obligation. Update, exchange information in real time and dynamically, generates provision policies, by center of cost and apportionment of expenditure.

It has an efficient generator sales orders for billing by professional services (People Billing).

Developed to provide small and medium-sized companies with financial and business management solutions by controlling the payroll area, clocks, service biller, employee portal, budget control, vacation control, among others.


  1. Within the employee’s file, it allows the customization of screens and catalogs through its metadata.
  2. Stores the electronic file of the employees, accepts jpg and pdf files.
  3. Import information in bulk, accepts CSV, TXT and XLSX formats.
  4. Web services, which allow integration with HR solutions.
  5. Payroll with different periods, creates extraordinary processes that are useful for calculating PTU, Christmas bonus, annual and audit statements.
  6. It generates the Payroll CFDI and sends it to the collaborator.
  7. Settlement and settlement developer.
  8. Directly integrates the information to the SUA, exports information to the IDSE, integration of wages, generates notices of affiliation, pensions and housing.
  9. Create accounting policy for payroll processes with apportionment of expenses.
  10. Fast and safe implementation, where from the first day you get results.
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