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SAP Business One Cloud easy

Your customers have special requirements? Find industry solutions and business apps, that are seamlessly integrated and ready-to-run on SAP Business One Cloud and can be combined as needed. You have the full flexibility of choice! Of course, you can also easily start with SAP Business One Cloud and add the required solutions and functions later.

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iVend Retail

Partner Developer: iVend Retail

Integrating the store into the omnichannel retail experience is absolutely fundamental to meet customer expectations across all channels. Technology is the missing link between the physical advantages of bricks-and-mortar and the digital flexibility of eCommerce.

iVend Retail can support retail businesses in the implementation and management of store technologies. to finally bridge the gap between online and offline shopping.

iVend Retail delivers a fully integrated solution designed to enable change. not just built to last. Wend Retail innovates retail technology. providing a technically-superior solution and offering open APIs which can be integrated broadly with leading ERPS and customer-facing applications.