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CRM for Outlook

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CRM for Outlook enables sales, support and management to perform and update important SAP Business One tasks directly in Outlook, saving time and increasing user adoption of your SAP Business One.

Whether you need to see the most recent sales to a customer or update a business opportunity on a lead you can now do this in Outlook.

You no longer need to spend hours looking for vital information in different areas of SAP Business One.

We offer you  a CRM cockpit in Outlook that gives you all the info and power you need to handle CRM effectively directly from Outlook.

With our new CRM for Outlook, the users who prefer to work from the familiar Outlook environment can continue to do so without neglecting documentation in SAP Business One.

Outlook CRM software can eliminate the redundancy of opening separate applications for e-mails, sales activity tracking, and lead generation, making a user’s life easier and reducing clutter.

By working directly in Outlook, your employees can perform all of their key tasks and have them captured and organized within your SAP Business One system.

Not only does this get employees to accept your SAP system, it ensures customer profiles stay up-to-date and accurate company-wide.

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