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SAP Business One Cloud easy

Your customers have special requirements? Find industry solutions and business apps, that are seamlessly integrated and ready-to-run on SAP Business One Cloud and can be combined as needed. You have the full flexibility of choice! Of course, you can also easily start with SAP Business One Cloud and add the required solutions and functions later.

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Chemical One

Partner Developer: PART Business Solution

The industry solution Chemical One covers the specific requirements of chemical and cosmetic companies. Several areas like formulation and laboratory management, mixing and filling processes, management of hazardous goods and quality management are included in the 100% inside SAP Business One developed and certified solution.

Complex requirements managed easily with Chemical One (C.One). Multi-facetted production processes and tough demands for quality, environment and safety shape the chemical industry. Our ERP Chemical solution “Chemical One” allows you to meet these and further demands and displays your value chain completely. Consequently, you can easily control for example your hazardous substances management.
The tailor-made software for the medium-sized chemical production industry automates business processes in one central application – from development to formulation management to production and shipping. Your company gains process and planning reliability and reduces cost. The consistent transparency of business activities simplifies decision-making and strengthens your growth. At the same time, you are creating ideal conditions for increased customer satisfaction through efficient sales management and improved adherence to delivery dates.