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SAP Business One Cloud easy

Your customers have special requirements? Find industry solutions and business apps, that are seamlessly integrated and ready-to-run on SAP Business One Cloud and can be combined as needed. You have the full flexibility of choice! Of course, you can also easily start with SAP Business One Cloud and add the required solutions and functions later.

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Barcode & Mobile Data Collection

Partner Developer: RFgen Mobile

RFgen Mobile Foundations for SAP Business One is a suite of pre-written, SAP-certified automated data collection solutions that feature real-time, bi-directional information exchange between your SAP Business One system and the data collection devices you use in your warehouse. RFgen's SAP Business One barcode software supports wireless barcoding and mobile applications running on a variety of hardware devices and mobile operating systems.

RFgen Mobile Foundations for SAP Business One barcode software solution works quickly out of the box, or can be easily adapted to your company’s unique workflows and can help you. Provide accurate, up-to-date visibility into your operations and inventory with immediate updates from anywhere in your business—the warehouse, a stock room, at a retail location, the manufacturing floor, or in the field. This allows for better supply forecasts, improved turn-around on orders, fewer returns and faster response to audits or recalls. Increase worker productivity and reduce errors by eliminating the need to re-key data with real-time information exchange between barcode scanners, tablets, mobile computing devices and your SAP Business One system. Automate remote warehouses and field sales/service operations with support for roaming, occasionally-connected data collection using on-demand cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity to SAP Business One. RFgen also supports fully disconnected scenarios where data is pre-loaded on the device, remote activities are locally validated, and transactions are exchanged with SAP Business One at various intervals. Maintain data integrity between the mobile device and server to prevent user errors when in an always-connected environment using RFgen’s guaranteed packet delivery protocol.