• B1 Configurator, can you do without?

    B1 Configurator, can you do without?

    One customer said: “The Configurator & Quote Builder system has put us a step ahead of our competition. Customer service and quality of product is key in our industry.”


    The benefits of product configuration

    Simplify complexity with guided selling
    Quickly generate quotes for even the most complex products and services. Product configuration offers a guided sales questionnaire that enables any salesperson to create a rich proposal in a matter of minutes.

    Eliminate redundancies and errors
    With product configuration, incorrect product combinations and prices simply don’t enter the equation. Product configuration’s business rules engine ensures that data entered once helps produce accurate products, bills of materials, routings, costing and prices.
    By helping companies eliminate errors and manual re-entry of data, product configuration enhances accuracy and productivity.

    Ensure rapid response to customer needs
    Quickly generate quotes for complex products and services, using configuration models that support hundreds of variables and business rules.

    Give expertise a long-term shelf life
    Easily build a consistent knowledge base. For example, with just a few days of training, employees without an IT background can learn how to build, deploy, and maintain configuration models. After they’ve been deployed, these models become the source of subject matter expertise across the enterprise, eliminating critical risks to business continuity that can occur with human-based knowledge centers.

    Deliver a solution people will want to use
    Quickly navigate and search product and pricing portfolios with an intuitive interface. product configuration also offers step-by-step guidance for building configurations and quotes.

    Reduce waste
    Reduction of waste starts with accurately capturing customer requirements and converting them into correct product / service specifications. product configuration will bring lower risk of product and price errors, high quality goods and/or services, and an increased delivery reliability.

    Combine power, sales, and product configuration in one solution
    Push all information from quotes that’s needed for orders and production immediately to your ERP or CRM system. With product configuration you enter information once to share it across your business.

    Easily create customer-ready proposals
    Dynamically generate rich documents, including spec sheets, quotes to order, and terms of delivery, in the format your clients preference―Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF or HTML.

    Connect teams across the enterprise
    All stakeholders can exchange information from product configuration, drawing from centralized data, through full integration that spans ERP back-office, manufacturing and distribution, CRM sales and marketing. . . That connection optimizes just about everything for your company’s quote through delivery processes.

    Enable mobile productivity
    Product configuration works on virtually any device, from PC to smartphone, and via web browser for portal access. Salespeople will enjoy productivity with turbo-charged mobility and a tool that’s quite cool to customers, from access to all those rich features.

    Close more business
    Rather than wasting valuable time with manual processes and error detection, people can focus on creating more competitive quotes, responding quickly to changing customer needs, and winning sales. In short, product configuration drives more business without adding new resources and win more business without increasing overhead.

    Communicate once and reach everyone
    Along with Multilanguage and multi-channel communication, product configuration simplifies channel-based business processes. Sales and service staff can create quotes, orders, and services contracts faster and with greater accuracy, and customers can base their buying decisions on current, accurate information.

    Quickly adapt product and customer changes
    In the world of Configure-to-Order products and services, the ability to adapt quickly to change can mean the difference between a profitable business and a world of confusion and lost opportunities. product configuration supports immediate adaptation to changing customer wants and needs, ensuring your organization works only on what the customer actually wants at any given time.

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