• SAP Business One and ProcessForce; the Best of Both Worlds

    SAP Business One and ProcessForce; the Best of Both Worlds

    SAP Business One a solution for small and medium sized businesses and subsidiaries of Large Enterprises, includes all the processes you need to run your entire business.

    It’s a powerful solution, simple to use and affordable. It provides complete business management functions covering financials, sales, customers, inventory, and operations. But, as a process manufacturer, depending on the level of your business complexity and sophistication driven by customers, product, industry and regulatory compliance, an additional solution is often required to cover your specific industry requirements.

    ProcessForce, a CompuTec solution, developed specifically for the process manufacturing industry and fully integrated with SAP Business One can bridge this functional gap. Therefore, bringing you the best of both worlds, SAP’s strength and security and CompuTec’s process manufacturing domain expertise. This next generation manufacturing solution designed from the ground up, built 100% utilizing the SAP Software Development Kit (SDK), is available on both SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL. Thus taking advantage of SAP’s business platform and latest innovations, creating a functionally rich and easy to consume industry solution, benefiting both customers and partners.

    Industry Solution
    To provide value to all our customers, present and future, we have combined our manufacturing expertise, and industry knowledge, with validated business requirements from our existing customer base to build a solution focused on four key process manufacturing industry verticals:

    • Consumer Products
    • Life Sciences
    • Chemicals
    • Building Products
    • Down Stream Oil & Gas
    • Mill Products

    Solutions for Business
    Leveraging the proven business processes of SAP Business One, ProcessForce provides seamlessly integrated value based solutions, which support the day to day business operations and issues that are unique to the industry and enable those business to become a better run process manufacturer.

    Broken down into a set of functional yet integrated components, ProcessForce covers a wide spectrum of business activities and processes:

    • Product Data Management
    • Recipes/Formulations/Bill of Materials
    • Co-Product/By-Product/Scrap Management
    • Routing and Resource Management
    • Batch Control and Traceability
    • Production Management  Ingredient Declaration
    • Quality Control
    • Complaint Management
    • Product Costing
    • Production Scheduling
    • Hand Held devices & Data Collection
    Global but Local
    With an established global footprint, SAP Business One is available in 42 localizations, and implemented in more than 160 countries. ProcessForce, has localization built into its core, taking advantage of SAP Business One configuration and display settings, for example master data, multi-dimensional accounting and languages.

    ProcessForce User Interface is available in all the languages that are supported by SAP Business One via CompuTecs’s ‘Fast Start’ translator service.

    It’s all about Standards
    With more than 57,000 customers globally, SAP Business One offers a set of standard tried and tested business processes and functions. ProcessForce application extensions leverage these standards to operate within the framework partners and existing customers who may wish to upgrade to ProcessForce are used to.  Examples include:

    SAP Business One offers item management by warehouse, hence, ProcessForce provides:
    • Recipes/Bills of Materials by warehouse
    • Production orders by warehouse
    • Quality control by warehouse

    SAP Business One offers three valuation methods:
    • Standard
    • Moving average
    • FIFO
    • Batch Costing

    ProcessForce product costing methods mirror the same valuation techniques and principles.

    Industry Requirements
    At the heart of the ProcessForce solution resides a bill of manufacturing. This is a concept which allows process manufacturers to define the resources that are consumed and produced as part of the production process.  As a process manufacturer you need the “ease of use” to define your products as simple recipes/formulas or require the flexibility of complex recipes/formulas to define the component/ingredient relationships.

    Depending on your micro-vertical industry needs and the products you produce, there are other factors which have to be taken into account for example:

    • Yield planning, analysis and factor calculations
    • Co-Product and By-Products production
    • Scrap and Rework management

    Variables which affect inventory levels, product costs and recipe accuracy, all of which impact the bottom line.

    Like SAP Business One, ProcessForce can be adapted to meet your unique or changing business requirements without creating a heavy, ongoing IT burden. In fact, to adapt ProcessForce the application uses the same tools as SAP Business One, therefore the learning and education curve is kept to a minimum, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

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