• Five nails for the coffin called “on premise”

    Five nails for the coffin called “on premise”

    It won’t take many years until the on-premise business with SAP Business One is forgotten and buried underground. Just like the cassette was replaced by new technology, the cloud will take the place of on-premise. Here are five crucial reasons, why:

    1.) You don’t want to be a certified IT-infrastructure guru.

    Are you interested in hardware? If not so: you don’t need to be (You might just skip to the next paragraph now.). But even if you were interested in hardware – can you really enjoy things like… buying, installing, repairing and maintaining a server infrastructure that must run fast and stable; dealing with various operating systems on various virtual machines that sometimes display “unexpected errors”; implementing, repairing and reconfiguring several databases on several terminal servers; making backups and restoring them; updating and upgrading more or less everything… and do it all over again tomorrow? Do you actually have time to take care of those things?

    There are people in this world who delight in work like that. The world becomes a better place if we just leave it to them. In the cloud, you don’t have to worry about those things anymore. IT experts make sure that your system runs smoothly, and you can focus on your business.

    2.) You don’t want to buy things you cannot give back.

    If you want to have a roof over your head, you usually don’t buy the whole house. If you did, you had to pay a lot of attention to keep this house clean and in a renovated condition. You don’t want to bother around with that. So, no, you don’t buy the whole house. You just rent an apartment and leave the uncomfortable issues to the landlord.

    The same things counts for software. Users are called users, because they want to use the solution. They are certainly not in need to own it. The times are over that companies had to invest huge amounts of money into a stock of licenses. Not mentioning the service contracts for getting the licensed software maintained and up to date. No, users just want to sit down and consume. That’s it. No uncertain investments. No maintenance costs. Cloud solutions deliver exactly that.

    3.) You don’t want to wait. You want to start now.

    Depending on who the customer is, on-premise solutions require a lot of time for preparation and installation before you can actually start using the software. Now, cloud solutions won’t dissolve this issue completely, since employees still might need training. Nevertheless, cloud solutions can be deployed in a few hours and used immediately, and since you don’t need to spend time with the IT-guru-stuff, you have more time to actually prepare your company for the software change.

    4.) You don’t want to back the wrong horse.

    So, what is your company going to look like in ten years? We cannot predict the future, but we can be pretty sure that your business will require some changes then. On-premise solutions are static and don’t support change. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, are dynamic by design and can adapt to any kind of situation that might lurk in the shadows.

    Let’s just imagine for a moment that your business idea reveals itself as a flop. With on premise, you now have to figure out what you’ll do with all the equipment and software you bought for tens of thousands of dollars. In the cloud? No worries – you just withdraw from the contract.

    5.) You don’t want to worry about data security.

    Technological progress is running at an incredible pace, we all can see that. But do you really understand, what is actually going on beneath the surface? No, you probably rely on the guy in your IT department (let’s call him Steve) who gets paid to take care of Application Attacks, Brute Force or Trojan Activity. And yes, we can imagine that Steve is a fighter. But Steve needs a team of fighters who assist him to keep pace with the progress at hand.

    Cloud providers have first-rate experts in the security field, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Security issues are not just part of their job; those people have their whole and only focus on security. It’s their only job to keep your data safe and sound. Steve might decide one day to become a retired gardener, but the security professionals of your cloud partner will always be there.

    You are supposed to care about your data security. And that is exactly the reason why you should put into question if your on-premise installation is solid as a rock when the tides bring the next wave of unseen security attacks.


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