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beas Industry Solutions

Partner Developer: beas GmbH

beas industry solutions for SAP Business One Cloud serve all types of manufacturing in the SME sector and in subsidiaries of large enterprises. beas modules are specially designed for SAP Business One to provide comprehensive, globally supported solutions for advanced and complex manufacturing.

beas Manufacturing – the comprehensive and flexible solution for SMEs
beas group, with more than 25 experience in development and market solutions for manufacturing, is a SAP solution provider from the birth of SAP Business One, at the end of 2002. beas industry solutions are specially designed to use SAP Business One as a globally available integration platform to build leading solutions for a wide range of manufacturing industries. A configuration wizard allows parameterizing business processes and functional depth and breadth easily. The basis of our industry solutions is SAP Business One, the ERP overall solution specially for small and medium enterprises provided by SAP. Available are currently 42 official SAP localizations in 27 languages. SAP Business One is exclusively through Value Added Resellers (VARs) marketed. The global VAR network supports approximately 50,000 SAP Business One customers in more than 150 countries.