• Industry solutions to help your customers achieving their goals

    Industry solutions to help your customers achieving their goals

    In our last post, “More customer value leads to faster and more profitable sales!”, we informed about the horizontal solutions that are running on Cloudiax and how to change the way you can get more customers on-board, and how you can help them grow.
    Now we’ll inform you about the other market approach, with vertical or industry solutions. This vertical approach is the way to go if you want to really grow your business.

    In the Cloudiax Community, we offer a big range of ready to run vertical solutions. These solutions are built and supported by international oriented SSPs with a huge experience and knowledge in their specific industries. Having these vertical solutions ready to run from Cloudiax and supported from the Cloudiax Academy, makes it possible for VAR partners to focus on a small amount of verticals. This focus has two big benefits:

    - You know where to find your prospects, their pain points, how they can benefit from the solution and, most of all, their possibility to get access to enterprise class features.
    - You can sell faster with more customer satisfaction and better references and make a much better margin on what you sell!

    Approaching your prospects with a solution where they recognize themselves directly makes a huge difference. At that same moment, you can talk about their business and how you can help them optimize it and make more profit. Basically, that makes you a dialogue partner at the right level. If you have achieved this, you don’t have to worry anymore that your prospect doesn’t react at E-mails or phone calls. Their benefits are that big, THEY want to move ahead. Result: shorter sales cycles, more quality delivery and the outlook to a very long, and for both profitable, relationship.

    Being able to know where your message has most effect and talking the business language make your company being recognized as industry specialist. This is exactly how you change your marketing from “push” to “pull”; your prospects will find you! This is what happens worldwide and this is what gives you the opportunity to expand your business. Of course, you must be able to deliver quality, secure and rich functional solutions, but what really makes a prospect come on-board is trusting you and your knowledge of his business!

    If you work like this and are able to mix both vertical and horizontal solutions, your customers will stay with you - you can upsell more solutions and you’ll have the best reference you can imagine.

    To give you an idea of the vertical solutions on Cloudiax at this moment:

    - Apparel & Footwear
    - Food & Beverage
    - Chemicals
    - Cosmetics
    - Aerospace & Defense
    - Automotive
    - High-Tech & Electronics
    - Industrial Machinery & Components
    - Medical Devices & Components
    - Metal Processing
    - Packaging Industry Products & Services)
    - Plant Construction
    - Plastics Processing
    - Life Sciences
    - Personal Care
    - Professional Services
    - Wholesale
    - Retail

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