• Grow or disappear

    Grow or disappear

    The world for ERP is changing rapidly, prospects and customers want flexibility, predictable costs and a system they can use any time on any device and from any place. SAP has a clear strategy towards Cloud and SAP HANA, a complicated and expensive environment.

    - You can wait and hope these changes will go away and everything gets back the way it was in the “good old days”.

    - You can invest heavily in buying HANA servers, hire six new people with knowledge of Suse Linux, system management, security, Cloud Control Center just to name a few.

    - Instead of buying servers you can also use platforms like AWS or Portugal Telecom, but that changes nothing for your need for the right employees. Before you know it, you are 6 months further to build up some knowledge how to run and manage these systems.

    - You can join the Cloudiax Community.

    Now why would you do that?

    Let me explain. The Cloudiax Community is based on a proved and stable cloud environment where you as a partner have nothing more to do then getting the right license keys and start using the system.

    More than 20 of the main SSP Solutions are already tested and ready to run, also mixes of these solutions.

    More than 50 VAR partners are using the Cloudiax Community to help them sell, implement and service their customers with sharp prices, fast and tuned systems and timely support. They see the way they sell changing to the good by selling more, faster and with better quality. Our VARs can also help their customers much better by offering them a ICT landscape that they normally could not afford.

    Also the path from migrating from on-premise MS SQL systems to Cloud SAP HANA systems is part of the offering.

    In the next six weeks we will inform you about these possibilities and explain how you and you customers can benefit from the Cloudiax Community.

    Of course, you can meet SSP members of the Cloudiax community at the three SAP Business One Innovation Summits. There you can experience what it is exactly, share their experience with it, see and hear what existing VAR’s and customers experience and how you can grow your business being a member of the Cloudiax Community.

    So, if you are a SAP Business One VAR, SSP or OEM partner, then work with the Cloudiax Community and go for the first part of this line! Do you want to grow your business in 2016 or disappear in 2017?

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