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Manufactura avanzada para SAP Business One. Gestión de fórmulas, recetas y procesos de producción, trazabilidad de lotes, control de calidad, MRP, mantenimiento de plantas, cálculo de costes, programación y mucho más.

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CompuTec ProcessForce is a fully integrated SAP Business One solution that helps businesses manage complex processes, stringent data management requirements and compliance in a simple, user-friendly way.

CompuTec ProcessForce provides manufacturers with a wide range of tools for optimizing production activities including Product Data and Inventory Management, MRP, Batch Control and Traceability, Quality Control, Production Process Management, Bill of Materials with unlimited simultaneous variants, Scheduling, Costing, Complaint Management, Plant Maintenance and more.

Fully integrated solutions for plant data capture, warehouse management and inventory label printing management are also available. Highly flexible and customizable, CompuTec ProcessForce can be tailored to businesses in a wide range of industries such as food and beverage, life sciences, chemicals, personal care, automotive, building materials and mill products. The solution works in real-time, keeping all stakeholders on the same page and enhancing interdepartmental cooperation.

Businesses using CompuTec ProcessForce can expect to reduce time spent on routine, manual processes, and recordkeeping by automating time-consuming, routine tasks while simultaneously reducing the likelihood and impact of mistakes caused by human error. Precise, systematic compliance records make the production side of the business auditable at a moment’s notice. With a plethora of reporting and analytics options, CompuTec ProcessForce helps our customers evaluate performance, identify targets for improvement and make smart, informed business decisions that will support growth, increased profitability, and higher customer satisfaction levels.

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