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win new sap
partners worldwide
to sell your solutions

Add your solutions to our cloud community and work with all our SAP Business One partners.
Find, train and support your partners easily. Your solution will be available in the cloud!

  • Develop your HANA solutions simple
  • Deploy the latest releases simple
  • Work with more partners in an easier way

a partner now

What build partners say

Case study

“As a partner, we significant reduced support effort, because we benefit from easy and quick deployment on the newest SAP Business One HANA version including all functions and Tools, so partners and customers can use the same actual version. The strong commitment “You can run it on Cloudiax if it runs on-premise” promotes effective collaboration with SAP and other partners."

Andrea Grigoli

CEO, InformEtica

Case study

„With Cloudiax, we have the possibility to support customers with a SAP Business One system where our archiving solution CKS.DMS is already integrated. This means that the customer has a solution that is completely optimized and ready to run in no time.“

Chris Kroos

CEO, C.K. Solutions


customers are waiting on you!

Find more sell partners

and with the partner environment, you are able to train them and establish an independent selling behavior. Your sell partner will have a cloud environment as well, with his own localized database(s). Now you are both able to do your work, with all the software you need.

Concentrate on more sales

and benefit from worldwide marketing campaigns and the huge network of SAP Business One Cloud partners.

Infographic 7 advantages to Sell Partners

Cloud demo environment for your partners

No more repetitive installations

Up-and-running without effort

Easily train partners to sell independently

Ready-to-run pre-installed solutions

All features available at any time

Save time and improve quality


SAP HANA databases run already
in Cloudiax data center

It is cheaper and easier
to run your SAP HANA system on Cloudiax.

We provide a HANA development environment including all updates and upgrades. So you will be able to be up-to-date with all changes in the SAP HANA development environment, SAP Cloud Control Center and the new SAP SLD. It will be not your job to deal with all technology changes. We provide a development system with the latest technology from SAP. You don’t need to integrate with other systems like web servers, B1 servers or anything else.

Be our build partner and we will help you to make it work!


users already trust us

Support collaborations with your partners and their customers

and provide anybody the same system with all the tools he needs. Reduce the communication effort and misunderstandings. If you offer an industry solution from different build partners, it will be easy to test them in order to recognize and avoid compatibility issues. Use our global network of partners to deliver more industry solutions from almost every part of the world.