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  • Who should I contact if I want to invest in Cloudiax?

    Dirk Cyrener, CEO of Cloudiax AG

  • Who is able to invest in Cloudiax?

    The offer is exclusively for Cloudiax partners and business partners of Cloudiax AG.

  • How is the distribution of shareholdings?

    Total number of shares: 210.000
    • 58.333 Dirk Cyrener (CEO Cloudiax AG)
    • 41.709 Rainer Frantzen (CMO Cloudiax AG)
    • 8.125 Bert Grolleman (CCO Cloudiax AG)
    • 58.333 Jürgen Bisselik (Managing Director KDT GmbH)
    • 43.500 owned by Cloudiax partners

    Selection of further shareholders
    • Hans-Peter Kreft (Managing Director Uniorg)
    • Barbara & Roland Schulte (Inceptum Business Solutions)
    • Peter Faßbinder (SMS Business Software Solution)
    • Torsten Hackländer (Versino West)

  • What is the minimum/maximum subscription amount for shares of Cloudiax?

    The minimum subscription quantity is 1,000 shares. The total volume of the current capital increase is up to 30,000 shares

  • Why is it interesting for me to invest in Cloudiax?
    • Establishment of sustainable intrinsic value and growth of the capital stock
    • Starting at 1000 shares: the partner receives the „Gold-partner-status“ and will profit from an increased margin
    • Starting at 2000 shares: No annual partnership fee
  • Which method has been used for the valuation of EUR 16,67 per share?

    Based on the Post-Money-Valuation the value of the shares based on 240.000 shares x EUR 16,67 is EUR 4,0 Mio. In relation to the 2015 revenue of EUR 5,3 Mio. this is equal to a revenue valuation of 0,75 x revenue.

  • Which return on investment is expected?

    For shareholders with more than 2.000 shares the annual Cloudiax partnership fee of EUR 1.500 omits. This equals a guaranteed interest rate of 4,5%. From 1,000 shares, the partner is automatically a gold partner and receives better purchasing conditions.

  • Does Cloudiax plan to pay dividends?

    A constant dividend development is striven for. However, the Executive Board is currently unable to make any concrete commitments regarding future dividend distributions.
    For Cloudiax partners, the annual partner fee of EUR 1,500 will be deducted from 2,000 shares. This corresponds to a guaranteed interest rate of 4.5%.
    From 1,000 shares, the Cloudiax partner will automatically become a Gold Partner and better purchasing conditions.

  • Does Cloudiax plan an initial public offering?

    Cloudiax AG is not a listed company. An initial public offering or the sell-off to a strategic business partner is always an option for a corporation, but at the moment to go public.

  • Is it possible to purchase additional shares at a later time?

    Shares can be purchased by shareholders at any time, as long as corresponding offers are available. Cloudiax AG will provide shareholders with a place for stock offers and inquiries in the investor relations sector.

  • Am I able to sell my shares?

    The shares may sold to other persons or companies at any time, but the sell-off is subject to the approval of Cloudiax AG.

  • Am I able to transfer my shares to other persons or companies?

    The shares may transferred to other persons or companies at any time, but the transfer is subject to the approval of Cloudiax AG.

  • Are the shares entitled to vote?

    Yes. One shares equals one vote at the general meeting.

  • Which right to say do I have as a shareholder?

    The shareholders’ rights of a German corporation are regulated comprehensively through the law. Regular resolutions (f.e. appropriation of earnings, election of executive board, etc…) may be accepted with the simple majority on the general Meeting. Amendment to the articles of association (f.e. Increase of capital stock) need a majority of 75,1% at the general meeting.

  • What risks do I have to take as a shareholder?

    In case of a bankruptcy of the company it a total loss of the shared capital may occur.

  • Shall I be informed about the financial situation regularly?

    Cloudiax AG is obliged by law to provide its shareholders the attested annual financial statement of the previous year within the first 6 months of the actual year.

  • Which are the funding targets of Cloudiax AG?

    The received funds shall be used especially for the global expansion of the data center capacity, the steadily growing Cloudiax-Community and the improvement and simplification of the cloud-usability for customers and partners.

  • Who are the auditors?

    The auditor shall be elected every year at the annual general meeting (regular resolution) by the shareholders

  • How is the supervisory board composed?

    The supervisory board of Cloudiax AG consists of three members, which shall be elected at the general meeting (simple majority) for a specific period (ordinarily for a period of four years).

  • What is the capital stock of Cloudiax AG?

    At the moment the capital stock of Cloudiax AG is EUR 210.000,– and shall rise to EUR 240.000,– through the current capital increase.

  • How many employees work for Cloudiax AG at the moment?

    At the moment Cloudiax AG has 18 permanent employees.

  • When shall the next general meeting take place?

    The general meeting had to take place at least once a year and the executive board shall invite all shareholders 30 days before the general meeting.

  • Where shall the general meetings take place?

    The general meetings ordinarily take place at the main residence of the corporation. Every shareholder is allowed to participate at the general meeting or to send out a representative for it.